Sport Climbing Level 1 Course (FULL)


Always wanted to take up sport climbing as a sport but don’t know how to? Tried sports climbing before and wonder how you can progress further?

Join us and get certified with SNCS sport climbing level 1.

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Learn the proper belaying technique and sport climbing calls so that you can sport climb safely with your friends or our weekly sport climbing kakis! With SNCS sport climbing level 1, you will be certified to belay in the climbing gyms in Singapore, how to tie a figure of 8 and a lot more!

Once you've completed your certification, head over to our Rock Climbing Community MOA Rock Climbing Group
where we will be posting weekly climbing events for you to join!

Come, explore the limit of both your physical and mental strength! Learn how to sport climb safely and improve your rock climbing knowledge! And most importantly, have fun with everyone who enjoys rock climbing as much as you!

This is a one full day top rope certification course (7 hours or 2 sessions of 3.5 hours). This course is designed for people with no prior knowledge of sport climbing and wish to pick up the sport for leisure or more serious climbing.

This course will go through 7 sections of basic climbing. Participants will
-be introduced to what sport climbing is
-top-rope and bouldering
-be introduced to climbing safety equipment, learn the correct usage, proper care and their limitations
-learn basic climbing safety knots
-how to safely belay a climber using the 5-step belay technique
-learn basic climbing techniques
-top-rope climbing
-assessment and course review.

-There is a pre-requisite of age 13 years or older.
-Participants under 21 must have a guardian of over 21 to sign on their behalf.
-Please fill up the waiver form online once you have registered successfully.
-Please be ready 15 minutes before the course commences.
-Note that no prior climbing experience is required.

*Minimum of 4 pax to start a class
Duration: 1 Day
Time: 10:30 AM - 5:30PM
Price: $85/person

Additional Perks: Participants will receive a 1 for 1 entry voucher to GU climbing gym and a verification test for belaying (to be taken after attaining your sport climbing level 1 certification)

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Things to bring:
1. Covered shoes (compulsory)
2. Ankle length socks
3. preferably ¾ pants and any comfortable top for working out
4. Change of clothes (optional)
5. Water bottle
6. Your fun and adventurous spirit!

*By signing up for this event, you are agreeing to all our Terms & Conditions.

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