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You might already know, I'll be teaching a Ruby on Rails course for beginners ( which starts next Monday.

As such I'll be helping my students with the installation (and troubleshooting) of Ruby (and Rails) on their laptops before Monday's lesson.

I'll be doing this at Starbucks Capital Tower on Saturday, from 2pm to 4pm, and so if you have been thinking of getting started with Ruby for a while (but never did), me would be happy to help you with it too (first try following the guide at: (!

Just to clarify, I didn't book Starbucks, I was just going to "squat" in there, and coffee is at your own expense. :)

Would also love to meet anyone who's free to come down and chat about Ruby!

Thank you and see you.


* "Lim Kopi" means "Drink Coffee" in hokkien.