HTMLTags: Our Alternative to Twirl


Greenfossil started using Play since 2010, from Play 1.x to Play 2.1 and up to 2.7. They worked exclusively with Groovy template in Play 1.x and Twirl in Play 2.x. They began to look for a Twirl alternative as they reached the need to increase their productivity and reduce compilation time. In this presentation, Kate and Jake from Greenfossil will talk about the reasons which motivated them to seek a Scala-based alternative to Twirl using an open source library, and finally the push to create their own templating engine.

- What are the problems Greenfossil faced in Twirl?
- Was there an open source based Twirl replacement?
- Their demands on the templating engine increases... They need an in-house built templating technology
- Semantic UI and Vue.js integration

Kate Orcena is a Software Engineer with Greenfossil for over 4 years. She's responsible for the full stack development of several healthcare and social applications in Java and Scala. She is passionate in Web and Scala development and also proficient in database query optimisations.

Jake Chew is a Software Engineer with Greenfossil for more than 3 years and focuses on full stack development. He is proficient with both front end and back end technologies like JS, CSS, Scala and SQL and also takes on DevOps responsibilities.

Thanks to ThoughtWorks for providing us with the venue and refreshments.

7:00 pm -- Food & drinks
7:20 pm -- Meetup group announcements
7:25 pm -- Venue / event host and sponsor announcements
7:30 pm -- Presentation
8:45 pm -- Q&A