What we're about

Scrum Patterns Singapore meetup (http://lobus.works/scrumpatterns) was inspired by similar events happening all over the world. We see the mission of this meetup in promoting professional Scrum and helping Agile practitioners with Scrum adoption by tapping into the collective wisdom of the community

"While the Scrum Guide provides the basic rules of Scrum, the patterns amplify the guide by showing teams how to solve problems in a specific context" - Jeff Sutherland
The current set of Scrum Patterns has been collected and documented in the book "A Scrum book" written by the group of enthusiasts and published in 2019.

What do we do?
We gather every month to delve into the theory of Scrum Patterns, explore 2-3 selected patterns and discuss the related experience.

Who comes to these sessions?
Scrum Masters, Agile coaches, anyone with some experience in Scrum and willing to learn more is welcome.

Why do I consider joining?
People joining will get a deeper understanding of the Scrum patterns: how to fix broken Scrum, use in retrospectives, plan Scrum adoption, and will also learn from other participants' experiences.

Participation is free and you do not need to buy the book. We will provide the patterns as links to the Scrum Patterns web-site for those joining the session. There will be some time reserved for reading and re-reading so there is no requirement for having patterns memorized beforehand.

We meet once per month, usually, it's one of Thursdays, at 7:00 pm (SGT/AWST).

Upcoming events (1)

Singapore Scrum Patterns meet-up #24 - OKRs for adaptive organisations

Link visible for attendees

Objectives and Key Results has grown its popularity as a goal-setting framework among Agile practitioners. OKRs are used to steer product development, set organisational goals, even become a tool for personal planning. And as it happens with many concepts that have set a trend, OKRs don't always deliver the promised value. It happens due to unskillful application or other constraints distorting the initial intent to enable flexible planning for adaptive organisations willing to stay relevant leveraging Agile principles.

In this meetup we are going to look into three reasons why OKRs don't work at the organisational level and what to do in order to fix that. The flow of the conversation will be built around realistic scenarios you might experience trying to adopt OKRs. This meetup will be useful for Enterprise Agile coaches, Scrum Masters interested in expanding their influence beyond the immediate team and Agile leaders who are engaged in Enterprise Agility transformation programs.

Important! You will need a computer/laptop to participate effectively as we use Miro collaboration software to work together.

Roman Lobus
Professional Scrum Trainer (Scrum.org) & Agile coach, enthusiast of Dialogic Organisational development. (https://www.linkedin.com/in/lobus)