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My Friends, " I have been a late comer starting off for badminton in the late 80s ...... Being told that I am too old to start playing as I am a "duck leg" (flat footer) with no talent after watching my younger siblings dazzle in the court with grace ..... I was fascinated and amazed ..... I wanted to join them, the exclusive ones in the group (at that time F&N training scheme) but was rejected because you are too old 14 years old too late to start..... 2 kind soul took me in under their wings and evolved me ..... My 2 heartfelt mentors Mr Thomas (Head Coach, Baharuddin VI F&N Training Centre (currently MDIS)) and my former Sec Engish Teacher Mr Goh (Shuqun Sec)..... Trained and push me hard in skipping and footwork to break the taboo that I am not late to play if I have the will and mind to succeed ..... A year later we succeeded in coming through the ranks in the Interschool Badminton "B" Boys National top 4 (1989) ....Thank you Sirs, without that lifeline I may not have succeeded. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to succeed and a bunch of hard working teammates to fight with. This is something that I have kept in my heart for so many years that I did not had the opportunity to say ..... My Hearfelt gratitude and Thank you my old teammates (Weihua, SiSi, Han Long, Jianyu, Wen liang, Wei Ming and the rest of the teammates) ..... No trophies and medals can exchange the sweat and friendship that we enjoy during the days we had during training ..... that thrill still wiggles through my spine ..... Thank you bros !!!!

Ok after much said after a long thought and tussle, I have decided to start up my own training group to set my own milestone in fulfilling my dreams. I wish to form my own training centre to focus on training and improving the skills for those who wish to learn more on badminton. For those potential ones who wants to go beyond the level where sky got no limits, I will help you to find the beacon that will evolve your skills that you desire. I am also looking at sparring coaches to train and if you are keen with it, I will hope that you can join my team as well. The school will be Singapore Social Badminton Training Academy (SSBTA), my dream is to nurture a group that one day will become the champions. Of course, the training centre will catered for the needs from young till old….

Let me quote a sentence from Coach Eric Chuar, ST Badminton: “Will you play badminton with me till 70?” This is a meaningful phrase and we should embraced on it….

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