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Spanish Academy SG will be opening an intensive beginner crash course from 9-13 Dec and 16-20 Dec, 1-3pm. This is a 20 hour course for beginners.

Course objectives:

Communication skills
- Greetings
- Introduce yourself, giving and asking for personal details
- Identify things and communicate necessities
- Speaking about intention and plans
- Speaking about where you are and what you are doing
- Giving basic explanations (e.g why you are late for work)
- Describing places

Basic Grammar
- Gender and numbers
- Personal pronouns
- Spanish verbs (ser, tener, llamarse, estar, ir, preferir)
- Addressing people (tu / usted)
- Definite and indefinite articles (el, la, los, las / un, una, unos, unas)
- What, who, which, how much/many, when, where, how, why
- Present tense (some regular verbs)
- Basic conjunction (use of "hay")

Lexical skills
- The alphabet
- Nationalities
- Professions
- Numbers (from 0 - 100)
- Activities ina language class
- Leisure activities
- Countries and languages
- Interesting places
- Colors

- Context of formal and informal speech
- Overview of the Spanish speaking world
- Characteristics and curiosities of various Spanish speaking countries

One module is 20 hours. Each class is 2 hours.
Each module is $440. Sign up now for 5% discount.

Whatsapp +65 86960045 for more details!

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