What we're about

Hello fellow Starters,

Anyone who are interested, new, anxious, worried, career changing, starting entrepreneurs, hardcore startups, anyone willing to work hard explore and start - just join in - It's Free! :D

We hold meetup sessions targeted to our topic and group.

SSE is yours - and ours, let's grow together and in 2021, we hope that you can benefit together with us.

It is a MeetUp platform group for business want-to-be, start up, and entrepreneurs sharing and learning platform. We have a few projects in 2021 and hope that you can join us for growth - we have been there too!

We encourage the following activities:

1. Networking - Looking for mentors, collaborators, cofounders, startup recruiting

2. Startup tools - Data science courses, business related courses, business services and resources, sales strategies

3. Practice - Casual sharing and pitching sessions so that you get your next funding

But please no spamming or vulgarity as we want to protect the group interest and grow it to be productive for all of us. See you soon! :)

Past events (35)

Exclusive: WORLD FOOD DAY 16 OCT 2019 #ZeroHunger

MOX - Co-Making for Creatives @ *SCAPE

Social Entrepreneurship networking event.


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