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Book Publish | Learn How To Publish Your Own Book (Free) Hands-On Workshop

~ Do you want to get published your own book? ~ Have you written a book but have no idea how to take the next step? ~ Or want to start to write your own book but no idea how to start? ~ Or you want to publish your own book and move to the next level? ~ You want to write & publish your own book and No idea how to? In Short, Self -publishing is powerful...IF YOU Know The Secret To Make It Work Build Your Brand is to Write a Book & Having your own Book can Help Establish You as An Expert ~ Jeffrey Tan it will surprise you to Open More Door of opportunity and an extra stream of income. These people take their publishing very seriously and look to not only profit with it and build a huge audience, but serve that audience with delicious tasty content that helps solve real problems. Brought to you by Primus Vision & personal power academy, How to Get Published to be expert and brand, is an essential session for all if you are an aspiring trainer, speaker, entrepreneur etc. Meet self-publishing expert Jeffrey Tan ACTA certified as he will show you the self-publishing how to and the landscape, the various routes to publication and equip you for career success. Expect no-nonsense, practical advice to motivate you to write a book and get it published! How does it benefit you? It positions you as an expert creating instant credibility It establishes you as an authority of your topic Sets you apart from your competition Your book is tangible proof of your expertise Provides you with multiple streams of income Enriches your life as the impact of your book has on others Self-publishing is now affordable, easy to implement, and requires only basic computer skills. If you can type your book on your keyboard, you can figure out how to self-publish. As your own publisher, you call the shots. You’re the CEO of your own destiny. Even better, you get to retain more of the royalties if you self-publish. By writing a book, you set yourself apart from the masses. Join us at the iconic Hand On workshop session book publish; This is a Free session – so, you’ll have no excuse not to get on and pursue your publishing ambitions! What you can expect to learn: 1. Establish you as an expert in your field. 2. Writing a book will inspire you. It will be a great experience in an emotional and personal level. 3. It Improves your online presence significantly. 4. If you want to establish yourself as an international speaker, then writing a book could be your ticket to get yourself booked for overseas speaking engagements. 5. Increase your brand credibility and business reputation. 6. Leaving your expert legacy. 7. You’ll discover who you are. 8. You’ll become smarter. ATTENDANCE BONUS 1. You will receive members-only Book Publishing Templates Worth USD49 (this alone will help to reduce your publishing journey by months!) 2. Free Note Book worth $15 for you to take notes and keep for your future projects 3. Special publishing rates from one the biggest book offset printer in SG (Save potentially hundreds $$) Note: This is a hands-on workshop. You are encouraged to bring your own Laptop or Tablet to perform the required research and download bonuses! Who Should Attend Professionals who aspire to become a trainer, speaker, entrepreneur, managers or high potentials groomed to lead. P.S: The success is you’re not us, set your real action goal in 2019 Join our Facebook link: https://goo.gl/emcbXV https://bit.ly/2P74ORH

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