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"The greatest threat to our planet [as we need it to be] is the belief that someone else will save it." - Robert Swan

This is a group whose vision is to help create greater awareness and action in relation to areas of sustainability, change in organizations and communities as well as in leadership, at every level. Each member is part of the group with an opportunity to contribute to its direction and operation.

The initial proposition is that we will seek to do the following:

• Create new conversations and explore new levels of consciousness and thinking through discussions involving new information and opportunities for reflection and sharing.

• Provide speakers, including our own members and external experts.

• Support your efforts by discussing best practices in speaking, writing, blogging, organizing and creating change across businesses, government and the communities for positive, sustainable change.

In short, this is an opportunity to provide the type of leadership needed by and for humanity to survive the challenges we face from resource-depletion, waste and pollution, biological-devastation and species exterminations, climate change and more.

Yes, it all sounds daunting, but together we build incremental and sometimes sweeping changes - it just requires people from all walks of life and ages to join in and take responsibility for their and our collective future.

For more information, please join us for an event or gathering. We aspire to make this both fulfilling, impactful and fun. Your contributions are welcome - and any comments or thoughts here and now - please do share!

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Mother Earth TMC - Living in Harmony with Nature

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“Much of human history has been written in terms of an ongoing struggle of "man against nature." The forces of nature - wild beasts, floods, pestilence, and disease - have been cast in the role of the enemy of humankind. To survive and prosper, we must conquer nature - kill the wild beasts, build dams to stop flooding, find medicines to fight disease, and use chemicals to control the pests. Humans have been locked in a life and death struggle against "Mother Nature." We've been winning battle after battle. But, we've been losing the war”.* Going forward how we will effectively and efficiently address this for the sustainability of mankind and its resources? https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89916770977 *John Ikerd, University of Missouri

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Mother Earth TMC - Resilience

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