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So you've gone down the career path seemingly set out for you after completing your studies and now just a few years in, you're already looking for greener pastures.

Or maybe you've worked with several developers in the past and always wondered whether you could have done the work if you had the know-how.

Either way, this group was formed to help people like you, who have been considering a career in tech and are looking to understand more about the industry.

Join us at our scheduled events as we look to bring you valuable insights from within the tech industry. They range from:

Fireside Chats - Where we sit down with experienced developers who will share their personal experiences working in the industry.

Coding Workshops - Starter classes that will help you in taking that first step in learning how to code and beyond.

Technical skills sessions - Run through the gauntlet of whiteboarding and thought processing just like how employers assess their candidates

Upcoming events (2)

Coding 105, UI/UX Design Workshop

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Our UI/UX Design Workshop is back by popular demand!

"Design is thinking made visible." - Saul Bass

Developing a website is often assumed to purely involve writing massive amounts of code to get them to function. But before all of that goes in, how do developers come up with how the website should look and operate?

As we continue our series of workshops, we now turn to User Interface and User Experience design, more commonly abbreviated as UI/UX design. It's a crucial element involved in the development of a website, as it ensures that design considerations are incorporated into the website, making it appealing and easy to use.Want to know more about what goes into this design process? You are welcome to join us as we will cover what are UI and UX, work on a sample design for a website together and understand what it takes to create a human-centered website.

Programme Flow
7:30pm - 7:40pm: Welcome Address

7:40pm-8:50pm: UI/UX Workshop

  • Introduction to UX
  • Introduction to Design Thinking
  • Hands-on Activity

8:50pm-9pm: Q&A and closing
The webinar link will be distributed via email.

Instructor Profile:
Malcolm Yam | Part-Time Bootcamp Instructor

Having completed his Bachelors in Computer Science at NTU, Malcolm dived right into co-founding a web-development consultancy firm Redrobix that he continues to manage even today. But ultimately, he pursues teaching the next generation of developers by lecturing at Ngee Ann Polytechnic and guiding our students to their next careers, one command line at a time.


  • Your trusty laptop
  • Notebook, to take down notes (if you need to)

Coding 102, Python Workshop

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Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.” – Martin Fowler

Returning once again, our introductory workshop on Python is back as we take you through one of the most in-demand programming languages across industries. Python is a programming language that lets you work quickly and integrate systems more effectively, with applications spanning from software development to scientific and numeric programs.

During the 1.5 hour workshop, you will learn the basic principles of Python, building your very own Python programs. Leave this short class with a better understanding of how programming works and how you fare at it after trying it for yourself.

Programme Flow
1:00pm - 1:05pm: Welcome Address
1:05pm - 2:05pm: Python Fundamentals Workshop

  • Learn to evaluate expressions that involve functions and operators
  • Understand the different kind of data types there are and their purposes
  • Understand the purpose and uses of sequential statements, branching, loops and functions
  • Make use of the Input/Processing/Output framework to solve programming problems

2:05pm - 2:30pm: Q&A and closing

Instructor Profile
Sam Tan
Sam used to be a data analyst for SISTIC Singapore. He is passionate in all things Data! Having worked on big data projects on ticketing sales, Sam has a clear direction of what it would take for beginners to succeed as a Data Analyst.


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Introduction to Data Analysis and Python Coding

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