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Looking to gauge interest in this fun new sport. I played for several years in the US but cannot find a group to play with in Singapore -- maybe because nobody over here has heard about it? So I'm interested in starting up a group so that we can convince a local gym to convert a court to wallyball!

Never played? Wallyball is basically volleyball in a raquetball court.. where the walls are in-bounds. Ricochets and corner shots are the order of the day... and the ball is rubber-surfaced, gripping the walls, so spins can be a big part of the game. It's faster than volleyball and can test your spatial perception better as well. A video to give you an idea of how play goes:


Like volleyball, good players will give faster play, beginners will set a slower pace. You'll find that most of your existing volleyball skills will translate well, and you don't have to go chasing down the ball after every point!

I'm an intermediate or advanced player with a keen interest in at least one (preferably two or three) games a week. We need to gather interested people, find a gym willing to let us play, and possibly provide equipment (net and ball.) I have seen a reference online to a team from Singapore from more than ten years ago but can't find anything current; if we could find a way to get in touch with some of those players we might get a leg up on their venue, etc.

Want to check it out? Come help set up the group! Four people can practice and get people interested, or have a good game if they're all decent players. Six or eight people makes an ideal game, and ten is doable. I am happy to train or just practice until we get enough interest. Bring some friends!

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Try Out Wallyball!

Kallang Squash Centre, Court 7