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This is a professional learning and healing meetup . As long as you are interested in psychology or have any emotional disorders such as depression, anger, fear, panic ,or guilty...etc, all are welcomed to join. This meetup events and learning will conduct in mandarin as it is easy for me to speak fluently. Paticipants no need to speak mandarin well , but need to understand what my language. But if you are a English speaker and keen to know more about the work of Byron Katie and practice the power of now of Eckhart Tolle , then pls message me privately , then I can organize related events with translation. https://www.facebook.com/thepeacequotient




以美国拜伦凯蒂转念作业为主轴(www.thework.com),同时练习当代非常重要的心灵导师--艾克哈特.托勒 (https://www.eckharttolle.com)的方法,活出当下的力量,看到一切的烦恼与痛苦的根源都来自过于认同自己的想法。如果你想帮助自己跳脱烦恼,尤其对有忧郁,焦虑,恐惧,及过度执着在想法的人,这套课程会有非常大的帮助!


我会举办心理学讨论,及每个月定期的咨商学习小组(2-4人). 这套简单有效的方法,教您如何疗愈,并且拿回自己的力量,而不是一直停留在需要别人的支持与了解。


Do you like your present self ?

Most human beings identification of themselves are still limited in the material reality and external affirmation. But these are all fleeting pleasures, and ultimately cannot truly satisfy one’s heart. The worst is causing more mental and physical illness.

How to live peacefully within----

Our teachings are based on The Work of Byron Katie(www.thework.com) and the practice of the Power of Now of Eckhart Tolle( https://www.eckharttolle.com), which methods are the key out of our suffering and into peace. Both are very powerful tools for those emotional disorders from depression, anxiety, fear, or people who excessively persist in thinking…etc.

If you have any anxiety , fear, or you feel depressed or anger about the issues, such as marriage, relationships, work, money, life and death...etc.let's learn how to use above transformation methods and practice the power of now to find and heal the root of your suffering.

I will organize free talk and regular paying counselling /learning small group(2-4 pax) every month . This simple and effective method teaches you how to heal and take back your strength instead of keep relying on other peoples’ support and acceptance.

It is important to aware if your mind and thought are stillness, this can enhance your consciousness energy and free out of negative emotions.

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