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SG Quantified Self 15: Data, Gamification & Behavior Change

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After a 2-month break, SG Quantified Self is back . . . with a great lineup of international and local speakers!

Study Apps & Gamification: Motivating Learning via Cash Pay-outs

Tobias Hoenisch ( is a new platform that makes studying more rewarding. Users set personal study goals, and then receive cash pay-outs when they meet these goals, or pay a fee when they don't. Data generated by study apps (DuoLingo, Anki, Udemy, etc), and synced to StudyPact, is used to verify whether goals have been met. Tobias will be sharing the story of, as well as insights about user base, harnessing QS data for challenges, data and motivation, and platform results.

Wearables & Gamification: Preventing Chronic Stress Related Diseases

Dr. Florence Jennings (

HEP (Health Enhancement Programs) are a novel approach to blend medical education content with objective data pertaining to what can help reduce or better control the onset or the long term effects of chronic stress related diseases. Wearables and gamification may be able to nudge medical students into physical activity maintenance and sleep regulation. Dr. Jenning is currently conducting research in the School of Dentistry, and will be presenting her research, results and findings.

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Are you passionate about data, gamification and behaviour change? Do you have a project to share? Contact Loring to join the speaker lineup for SG QS 15!

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