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SG Quantified Self 07: Let's share!

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Hi gang,

Short notice for this one, but I thought it would be fun to have an informal (and clearly impromptu) meetup so I can share some stories with you from the Quantified Self Conference in Stanford. Such a good bunch of people from all over the world, and so many interesting and insightful presentations!

There was tonnes of tech talk at the conference, loads of new services and more devices that one can shake a stick at, so why don't we use the group-mind to make sense of them all? If you have a device, app or service that you think the group would be interested in, why don't you bring it along? I'm especially interested in Heart Rate Variability analysis, EEG and EMG sensors, Basis/BodyMedia thingies... who am I kidding - bring anything!

I'll throw my Lark into the mix, and I can flaunt my new Fitbit Zip - will this be the Fitbit I don't lose? Only time will tell!

If this sounds like fun, please hit up the RSVP button!