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****Come dance to the sultry sounds of Elaine Stepter****

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I met this lovely artist at the last Soul Power show. She's bringing herself and her band all the way from Chicago to put on a show at the Rhythm Room on the 15th. The money she makes at the door pays for her expenses. The Rhythm Room is asking for a $12 dollar cover charge. Our group is getting in for $10 and not only getting her new CD for free but three tickets worth a $1 each towrads a drink at the bar.

I'm listening to her CD now. It's Soul Power with a sultry female voice, very nice. If you like dancing to Soul Power then I'm pretty sure you will enjoy moving to her sounds. Here is her website if you want to give her a listen. Tell me what you think below. Hope to see you there.

Internationally known, this Songbird of love is ready for Showtime. When you see and hear her, there is no question that you are irresistibly drawn into the musical world of this talented vocalist. More than just a singer, she offers that rich and sultry voice as a vehicle to each lyric daring it to ride the ultimate wave of her talent only to caress each emotion and thought as though it was hers and hers alone. No song escapes the imprint of a personal feeling. Her vocals are infectious and the pure joy of her singing will permeate your soul.

Elaine’s development as a communicator of song began in her hometown of Los Angeles, CA. Growing up in this entertainment capital brought her early exposure to music and performing. She formed a vocal trio called “Sweet Taste of Perfection” in junior high school. This was the training ground for learning tonal quality and harmonic expression. Next, while attending the Eubanks Conservatory of Music to study piano and voice, she evidenced an exceptional talent for composing. Elaine soon released her first single “Promises.”

She not only continued to sing but became an editor and columnist for Black Radio Exclusive Magazine. She found tremendous satisfaction there but realized that she needed to concentrate fully on her music if she was to truly develop as a vocalist. She wanted to be “on the scene,” not behind it. She continued to develop as a singer, songwriter and producer until finally she released her second single “I’ll Always Be A Part of You.” “The Sweetness of Your Love,” was a it from her first album and was followed by “Good Love” a track featured In the movie “Meteor Man” with Leon, Robert Townsend and Luther Vandross.

Listening to “Elaine is like sitting in front of a fireplace being embraced by its warmth as you are enthralled by the conversation of an intimate lover,” Her music is sincere and from the heart. She believes in the power of the spoken and written word when both are combined with music and become one, it’s like a breath of new air. She sincerely hopes that people will not only enjoy her music, but will also be moved by the spirituality of it.


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