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So, you love the idea of getting that tent, or pop-up, camping trailer or RV...or simply the lift-gate open from your SUV and HIT THE ROAD FOR AN EVENTFUL WEEKEND.....but no one else wants to go? Here ya are! THIS IS THE GROUP FOR YOU...

THIS IS THE GROUP FOR YOU IF....Maybe you love the outdoors but your "friend" just doesn't want to "rough it", or you gotta have wi-fi at least once a day to check your Facebook, & you seldom go because your friends are not ready when you are and you don't want to go alone...? Join us and meet new friends...or bring yours! Most of our events will be at a location that has options for new campers or experienced campers...we can line you up to share a car or a tent or a camper if you don't have your own.

THIS IS THE GROUP FOR YOU IF....you really like the idea of driving right to the campsite, pitching your tent or pop-up, and immediately pulling out the chairs, the cheese and the wine or if you want to immediately scale the rocks, climb the trees or start chopping wood....well at least after ten minutes of set-up, thats OK.

THIS IS THE GROUP FOR YOU IF....you really want to hike, camp and "rough it" or if you prefer to have the comforts of your RV or at least a blow-up mattress...most of our events will accommodate both.

THIS IS THE GROUP FOR YOU IF....you really want to go to unusual places and be outdoors, and perhaps have the option of seeing a frog rodeo, hiking up a waterfall, attending outdoor theatre in some small mountain town, seeing historic road trip stuff, exploring ghost towns, perhaps even mountain gourmet dining....or just having smores & toasted marshmallows and giggle at us while the others go crazy doing our tough-guy stuff.

THIS IS THE GROUP FOR YOU IF....if you have never camped before & just bought that $20 Costco sleeping bag, or if you have years of experience and really have great stuff.. JOIN US FOR THE FUN....AND WELCOME TO ALL WHO ARE SIMPLY NICE SINGLES OF ALL AGES...THAT WANT TO HAVE FUN ON TRIPS NEARBY DENVER.

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Come join Judith at Carter Lake (near Loveland and at Carter Knolls campground). Join us in this site if you are a tenter...otherwise try to get other sites nearby but likely Carter Lake campgrounds are pretty booked already. Judith is happy and willing to host and share her nice site with up to 7 more tenters (max cars that can fit in carter lake knolls site 2 more besides Judith's.) You will need to pay a vehicle fee daily. Its $9 daily. I'm there this Fri and Sat 26 and 27th. Up to 8 people ok. There is a limit of 2 more cars and up to 7 more people... Judith will be arriving at 2pm to check in and will tell park that others may join at the campsite. However, please RSVP on this site and TEXT JUDITH AT[masked] so we know who is coming or with other questions. I'm in site 6 a big pull thru with a covered picnic table. . This is a Larimer County park, beautiful place! No glass bottles, Dogs on leash, Bring firewood and not sure on potable h20 so just in case bring some water? If you want to drop by at dinner or campfire time, just get a day pass....might want to text Judith at[masked] to let her know you are coming by. Maybe we can have a smore party Saturday night? This should be fun! Carter Lake website: https://www.larimer.org/naturalresources/parks/carter-lake ATTENTION ALL CAMPERS....MORE "SUDDEN CAMP HOSTS WANTED": Want to host a trip and gotta favorite place to camp that you want to share? Send me the details and I will post it.....let's go camping and join each other anytime. (Organizer Gregg Pooley, text messages to[masked] and I will get back to you...or email via meetup site).

6th annual July 4th Deadwood,Mt Rushmore,Rodeo,Fireworks,Carnival, Spearfish

We're REPEATING OUR ANNUAL AND MOST FAVORITE TRIP AGAIN... FOR THE SIXTH TIME! We got it all figured out, NOW WE'RE REALLY GOOD AT THIS TRIP.....DON'T MISS IT THIS YEAR....THOSE THAT HAVE GONE BEFORE WILL TELL YOU IT WAS THE HIGHLIGHT OF THEIR SUMMER! My "secret spot" again to see the fireworks shot over HOMESTAKE MINING COMPANY OPEN PIT.....nothing rivals this unusual show, see fireworks pop and fall into the deep mine, enjoy picnic dinner, go play in Deadwood before and after..so much fun! This time, we will stay near downtown Spearfish....tons to do, riverfront, historic fish hatchery, and minutes to Deadwood, Spearfish Canyon, Belle Fourche (rodeo, carnival, dance...fun!) WE ARE LUCKY TO GET SUPER LOCATION FOR JULY 4TH HOLIDAY! It is an incredible riverfront campground run by the City of Spearfish right on the grounds of the historic BOOTH FISH HATCHERY....you will love this! BOOK YOUR SITE RIGHT NOW...(OUR HEADQUARTERS SITE IS P-6) however, all sites are nice!) GO ONLINE HERE: https://www.cityofspearfish.com/departments/city_campground/index.php OR CALL NOW AT[masked]. (FYI, this site seems "tricky" but it does work...otherwise, try calling and emailing. Be sure to get a confirmation via email or call/email in to them.) If you want to share, book a site and we will help match to share. Trailer/RV sites likely limited, but tenters can likely get in. If you really want to go, contact me via text at[masked] and I will try to hook you up with a share....tenters for sure we can usually work something out within our group! STAY REST OF THE WEEK TO JOIN US IN CUSTER STATE PARK...SEE NEXT MEETUP TO RSVP FOR THAT. WHAT WE'LL DO: ENOUGH OF US ALWAYS GO SO YOU CAN BE SURE YOU WILL MEET NEW FRIENDS FOR WHATEVER FUN "SUITS YER FANCY!"....Optional EVENTS: Phantom Of the Mathews Opera House, Rodeo & Dance, Fireworks TWO NIGHTS!, Chuckwagon Show, historic sites, Spearfish Canyon, Mt. Rushmore, Deadwood & Casinos, Mathews Opera House, Parades, Belle Fourche ROUNDUP, but wait, there's more! Keep on reading and check out these websites: http://dcboothfishhatchery.org/ http://www.matthewsopera.com/event/summer-theater-phantom-matthews-opera-house/2018-07-02/ https://www.blackhillsroundup.com/p/about/about-the-black-hills-roundup https://www.deadwood.com/what-to-do/ http://www.westernheritagecenter.com/cowboy-supper-and-show.html Well....ok...fun begins as soon as you get signed up....we will help coordinate some things, or go on your own ..... JULY 4TH IS A THURSDAY SO MANY OF YOU WILL HAVE A SHORT WEEK....SO TAKE A COUPLE MORE DAYS OFF!.....We're gonna have tons of fun! Head out of Denver on Monday, July 1st, or Tuesday....come back anytime you want....JULY 4TH FIREWORKS OVER HOMESTAKE MINING OPEN PIT, ITS HUGE AND SHOW IS UNBELIEVABLE...AND WE HAVE A "SECRET SPOT"....AND CARNIVAL, RODEO WITH PAGENTRY IN BELLE FOURCHE, SD AND TONS OF GREAT OLD-FASHIONED FUN! More to come and most of us will stay through the week....so much to do.....so much fun! THEN.....(can you stay with us? see other trip on our site)...We will head out on July 5th for Custer State Park, Sylvan Lake, and so much more.....MT RUSHMORE CAN BE SEEN ON BOTH TRIPS, DON'T WORRY! Choose your fun or relax and watch others .... RSVP's include members of my other Meetup Camping Group....will be a fun party! ALL LEVELS OF CAMPERS WILL ENJOY THIS ONE..... Join the friendliest, nicest folks you have ever met for this fun trip! Everyone will welcome you, we introduce ourselves then off we go on this great trip....if you have never seen the Black Hills, you will be amazed at their beauty...and so much closer than you think! THIS IS THE ONE TO DO THIS SUMMER! Four Presidents await your arrival: AND THEN....PICNIC AND BROADWAY....REALLY? In South Dakota? YES, YES! WE WILL BE JOINING WITH MY OTHER MEETUP CAMPING GROUPS

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