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DECRI: Single Mom's Can is a resource to single mothers to support them in accomplishing their personal and family development goals. We are not a social service agency but through a collaboration of wisdom and knowledge based on Titus 2, the principal of the older woman teaching the younger women in areas of spiritual, financial, family, leadership, relationship, career, mentally, socially, emotionally, academicly and internationally to strengthen the family structure. Each component builds on the next.
We look forward to offering a parent resource cooperative that will offer planned parent night out, Single Parent Bible Study Groups, parenting support classes, summer camps for adolescent parents and their babies, bi-monthly socialization, playgroups, and many other opportunities through community collaborations and partnerships. Each interactive real world activity helps to engage, empower, equip, and educate single mom's to support their personal, family and leadership skills to promote social change and strengthen their entire family and the community in which they live based on biblical principles.

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