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Surprise Valentine's Day Party for our Kiddos!
Guys, wow! We're already a month into the new year. Last year our children shared us with the world, even when it meant tucking them in late at night, fast food for dinner, and mismatched socks on picture day. Let's show them we don't have to wait for a special somebody to honor the special people they are in our lives. We're going to throw them a surprise Valentine's bash with them as the celebrity guests. Let's show them how much our universe revolves around theirs. Lol! Well, that's what they think, don't they? Lolol! We'll let them eat to their delights, bask in the fun of a noisy game room, and then we'll finish it off with sweet notes written from us to them. We'll end with presentations and pictures. I'm going to need help to pull this one off. Who's ready to start the year off a celebration to be remembered in kiddie history? BIG kids are allowed, too! After all, they've selflessly supported all of our quirky endeavors; the Good, the bad, and the ugly!

Smyrna Community Center

200 Village Green Circle - Room #5 · Smyrna, GA

Respond by: 1/26/2019

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As single moms we can’t push, pull or punish ourselves forever. Our kids shouldn’t have to lose out on the beauty of our dreams because we’re single moms. It’s okay! Yes, we have a unique set of challenges that require a unique set of principles to change them. But, that, my friend, is where reliance of communal strategy and strength comes in. We know it takes a village to raise a child. It also takes a village to raise and nurture a dream. Single moms aren’t shy of gifts, talents, passions, and dreams. Often, we yearn to launch into the deep of possibility. Sometimes, we lack the financial and family support we need to get that done. I know! I remember missing out on countless opportunities because I lacked money or childcare. I complained every time my kids were sick or I had a networking event I couldn’t attend. I decided enough was enough. I also faced homelessness. As a single mompreneur, it was embarrassing not having what I needed to get my goals completed. Then, I learned to use my God-given abilities and knack for networking and business to barter my way to change. I met with other single moms that learned to do the same. That’s when the birth of this group occurred. Now, I’m on or rather should I say we, are on a mission to empower single moms in and out of transition to manifest and pursue their divine promise (purpose and harvest). If you can relate to some of these challenges, desires, and passions, please connect with us. We could use a few good women! This group meets 1-2x a month, here in Atlanta. We meet to discuss issues and topics such as mindset, focus, family, finances, and more. We seek to be empowered and uplifted. We have a passion to give back! We network with others within our community to bring awareness to the challenges single moms in Atlanta are facing. We have a future hope to reach women locally and globally impacting them with change for the good of our families, our lives, and mankind as a whole. Thanks for considering us. We hope you’ll stay, receive, and give.

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