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The effect of being single on your wellbeing can be positive, as well as negative. It can affect your physical and psychological health, financial and social status, everyday decisions and choices, how others treat you, feelings of being included or excluded and your general long term wellbeing.

This group is for those who are single and searching for a better quality of life, with or without a partner. It is for anyone single and interested in fulfilling their potential and learning strategies for self development and personal or professional success. To help find solutions to a balanced lifestyle and longterm wellbeing.

There will be a series of short practical courses and seminars based on the various sectors of everyday life to help build, knowledge, insight and management strategies.

We will also be incorporating visualisation and relaxation techniques.

There will be two fundamental course based on structured and systematic goal setting tools and models followed by focused buffet of sessions which will include guest speakers, coaches and advisers who specialise in specific areas.

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