Intermediate ride from Three Forks

This is a past event

5 people went


Great Ride last Week. It was good meeting some new riders and riding with old friends. Let's do one of the usual rides. Meet at 3 forks parking lot, ride Hirschman's to Tribute, then over to Loma Rica and then down Gracie. This is an approximately 20 mile ride at a faster pace. There are multiple bail out points for people who are tired. Please keep in mind that we do tend to look out for each other and wait for people at some intersections, but you are ultimately responsible for your own safety, equipment and whereabouts. We do need to keep a certain pace to finish the ride before dark (We all want to get to Gracie). With that in mind, please be courteous to the rest of the group and let faster people pass, let someone in the group know if you plan on heading back or have a mechanical issue and make sure your equipment works well. Meet at Crazy Horse after for food and beverages.