What we're about

This group originated in Alexandria, but we -- yes, all of us -- have the chance to guide its direction. This is a unique time in our life where we have the opportunity to focus on ourselves, to find our own individual interests, perhaps to go back to old abandoned interests; a time to play, laugh and enjoy, to stretch outside our comfort zone, to be free, and to share good times with our peers. It is a very important time now.

We are spirited, friendly and welcoming seniors who are almost sixty, in our sixties, and beyond, who want to explore and enjoy all that life has to offer. We want to do that together, as a group. We have the opportunity to develop actual friendships along the way.

We hope to gradually but consistently grow, not only in numbers, but also in the variety of events, and geographical reach. We want to provide something for everyone. For this reason, we will be changing the name of the group to one that is less limiting.

We also wish to be co-ed. We envision our usual core of lunches, brunches, dinners and sometimes breakfasts or morning coffee chats; but also hope to enjoy festivals and fairs, and other outdoor activities, movies, theater, musical shows, art exhibits, walks, bicycling, perhaps an occasional yoga or meditation group, lessons of various interests, even day trips, and more.

Won't you come along?

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