3B Hike, Windy Hill OSP

Location image of event venue


➤ 11mi, 1700 ft. gain, 6 hours. Ascend the scenic Razorback Ridge Trail,
then traverse to the top of Windy Hill via Lost Trail, where
we will have lunch, wind permitting, and we will enjoy
spectacular views of the Bay, fog permitting. Afterwards,
we will retrace our steps briefly to our descent on Hamms
Gulch Trail. Rain most certainly does not cancel.

Directions: From I-280, take Alpine Rd. west for 4 miles to
the intersection of Alpine Rd. and Willowbrook Dr., where
we will gather. Carpools highly recommended due to tight
parking. There is a small area beside the road on Alpine
prior to reaching Willowbrook. If it's full, best bet is to turn
right on Willowbrook Dr. and park on that street down the

Carpools: Woodside 280 8:45; Palo Alto 8:45; Los Gatos 8:15.

Leaders: Jeff Bauman and Monica Lodge

GPS: 5001 Alpine Rd., Portola Valley[masked], [masked]

➤ Car Pool Information ( http://www.meetup.com/Singleaires/pages/CARPOOLS/ )

➤ Singleaires Hiking Information ( https://tinyurl.com/Singleaires-about )

SIGN-UP POLICY: Due to recurring issues, we have instituted new policy, which applies to meetup group participants who are not dues-paying Sierra Club AND Sierra Singleaires members:
1. We expect you to show up for hikes if you're signed up. If you're on the attendees list, and do not show up, you will be flagged as a no-show.
2. We expect cancellations to be made by end of day Friday, prior to the hike. Cancelling after midnight Friday without a compelling reason will be counted as a no-show.
3. Three no-shows will constitute grounds for ejection from the meetup group.
4. Reserving places on multiple hikes at the same time will not be tolerated. We do understand that you may sign up for one hike while being on the waiting list for another hike you would prefer. Once you have become an attendee of the second hike, you have 24 hours to take yourself off the attendees list of either hike. Failing to do so will result in the organizers removing your reservation for one of the hikes. Repeated incidents of this behavior will constitute grounds for ejection from the meetup group.
5. Bringing guests to hikes will not be permitted, unless the hike leader has specifically allowed for this, and then you will need to sign up as usual as an attendee with a +1 -- not show up at the hike asking for permission. The best idea if you want someone to come is to get them to join the meetup group and sign up for the hike like everyone else.
6. We expect better behavior from dues-paying Sierra Singleaires members, so don't think that if you're a paid-up member, you can flout the rules. (And yes, if you're not paid up, you're not a member.)

These rules are designed to allow as many people as possible to enjoy our hikes. We do not want people left on the waiting list, unable to attend, when there are actually places available because someone did not show up.