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Get ready for 2014 - Meet Your Match (Part 1)

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53 people went

Price: $30.00 /per person

Il Fornaio -Restaurant Reston, VA

11990 Market St #106 · Reston, VA

How to find us

Just go to the bar area and look for the "check in" table. You can't miss it!

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The New Year is Headed Our Way! Let's start it off right by Meeting Our Match!

Have you ever thought:

"I wonder who in the group is most/least like me?"

"I wonder what that person is all about?"

"I wonder if there is anyone here who would make a good partner?"

"I wonder if there is anyone here who could be a great friend?

Have you ever just wanted a fun reason to mix and mingle with other members?

Then this event is for you!


You fill out a 30 question, compatibility questionnaire that has been prepared specifically for Singles in the Suburbs! That's right, we are the ONLY singles group in the U.S. to have access to this compatibility test!

Everyone's answers get sent to the matching company who runs it through their exclusive matching system and compiles a confidential report, for each participant, that lists the following:

The 10 males & females who are most compatible with you;

5 Males/Females who are "least likely" to be matches with you!

All matches will show the percentage of compatibility.

You don't have to be on the lookout for your "soul mate" to participate, this is just a bit of fun that will help us get to know members we may have never met before!!


1. Receive your questionnaire and fill it out

2. Return it on the spot

3. Enjoy a happy hour at Il Fornaio!

AT PART 2: (Which will be Sunday, Nov. 10, 2-4pm at the same location)

1. Pick up your results!

2. Mix and mingle with everyone to try to find those on your list!

3. Win prizes!

4. Enjoy food and drink specials to be provided by Il Fornaio; and

5. MORE!

If you can't make Part 1 but still want to participate: RSVP yes and submit your payment but, in the body of your RSVP, put "E-mail"! You'll then receive your questionnaire by e-mail. Just be sure to return it by the deadline!

If you can't make Part 2, but still want to participate, that's fine as well! Just let me know and we'll work out how to get you the results!

(We must have 50, paid, participants, otherwise the company will not run the compatibility reports!) We will therefore be combining with NoVA Singles 35+ for this event! If we do not have 50 people by the day of Part 1, Part 2 will be pushed back until we have 50 people. So no worries, it will still go forward!

This is just meant to be fun - and to give us an opportunity to meet members we haven't yet met on our own!

If you have any questions, just email Rita!