Past Meetup

See "Lincoln" at Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse


Lincoln is playing Tuesday, February 26, at the Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse and admission is only $2. If, like me, you've given up on seeing all the Oscar-nominated films before Sunday, this is a great chance to see Lincoln in a relaxed setting for a discount. You can use the extra money for a drink or snack to enjoy during the film! Remember you need to bring a driver's license or age i.d. to get in because they sell alcohol in the theater. The movie starts at 7, but it may sell out if the film wins one or more Oscars. I plan to get there at 6:15. The doors open for seating at 6:30. If you want to buy your ticket in advance, you can order one for $2.75 online at The theater has a free parking lot - see I think it's easiest if folks purchase tickets or present their prepurchased tickets at the ticket booth and meet in the theater lobby, unless we are required to wait on line outside. Then we can enter together for seating at 6:30 p.m. Please look at the pictures of the attendees so that you can find us. I will try to find seats on the left side of the theater on the main floor, if that's possible, to help make it easier to find us if you arrive after 6:30.