Past Meetup

Anyone want to meet at Vapanios for dinner in Arlington?


Now I know that I said in my last email that I am not going to schedule anymore meet ups for a while and that I know that other people have ideas and meet ups they want to host but tonight I decided that I would like to add one more meet up to the calendar.My 40th birthday is in December and I would love to celebrate my birthday with this group.

My favorite restaurant Vapanios has the best pizza they also serve salad and pasta.For those who drink they have beer and wine.I know I am suggesting this meet up way in advance but since my birthday is during the holidays and I know people are really busy that's why I am adding this meet up so early to our calendar.I have also invited some friends of mine that aren't in this group to celebrate my birthday with me this year.I know when I call Vapanios to reserve a table for us they are going to insist they know exactly how many people are going to attend so the dead line to rsvp for this event is Wednesday December 4 2013.