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Welcome to International Singles in the city!

Ever felt excited to move to whole new city and enjoy a different culture? But once you get there, you realise it's not easy to make friends and meet new people or simply don't know who to trust?

Well, we may just about be able to help you with that!

Constant community activities and our loyal members enjoy coming for our events every time we have an announcement.

This is a group open for singles to meet other singles for conversations, enhance their friendship skills and build their trust. We will introduce members to each other so that you meet new people rapidly.

We welcome locals and expatriates and ensure that there is a lot of mingling. We organise drinks evenings and other unique events which helps break the ice between members and help create great friendships.

Join us to meet new like-minded ladies & gents, make new friends and have a great time every week!

Our meetups are held every week in a Hotel, Restaurant or Bar in Singapore.

Make sure you receive our group notifications to be alerted when we organize our next meetup!

Click here to see member reviews - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVXFyh_6VKU&list=PL0_NRE_GPkMWKCT76n8ui1RRJlruo0_vj

DO YOU WANT TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS EASILY? Watch this video of our founder Dan where he explains the secrets! - https://www.facebook.com/connectwithlocals/videos/1295060480661952/

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You can view some of our global meetups here: https://www.meetup.com/pro/theexpatsclub/

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Make new friends! Meet like-minded ladies & gents! (25-50/Hosted)

Needs a location

Join us for a wonderful Saturday evening where you can meet like-minded ladies and gents and make new friends!

All members will enjoy a complimentary shot and House pour spirits, bottle beers and house pour wine @$10!

Expats and Nationals both are welcome!

KARLENE, your lovely host will welcome you warmly into the group and will also help you with introductions!

EVENT COST : (payable in cash and will be collected by KARLENE at the start of the evening)

  • Ladies : $10
  • Gents : $20

Have a look at photos from our recent meetups and see what you have been missing! - http://bit.ly/MeetupPictures

Few key points:

  • We have our area booked for Meetup /KARLENE.
  • KARLENE is hosting the event. She will welcome you warmly at the venue and also introduce you to other attendees.
  • All members will enjoy a complimentary shot and House pour spirits, bottle beers and house pour wine @$10!
  • We have 5 meetup groups in Singapore with over 52,000 members and we will be inviting members from all those groups to attend. This ensures that we always have a good number of people, with varied interests. You will meet a lot of new people. Members of other groups who RSVP are included as guests of the organiser in order to give you an idea of expected numbers.
  • The age group 25/50 is an indicative guideline. You are welcome to attend if you are a few years either side of the guideline. The intent is to get like minded people together and so the age group tends to be important.
  • We are not a dating group. Our events are not organised to manage your dating life. Our group is created to help ladies and gents meet other like minded ladies and gents and to make new friends. Please do not attend our event if a perfect gender balance is important for your enjoyment of our meet-up. Keep an open mind and join us to make new friends.

You can contact Karlene through her meetup profile with any questions. (Or you can contact Dan on his meetup profile or on whatsapp on [masked])

Watch this video for 6 key reasons why you should attend our meetups - http://bit.ly/attendourmeetups
Watch this video to see how to make people like you instantly - http://bit.ly/makepeoplelikeyouinstantly

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