What we're about

Mixing and Mingling will be EASY with some games to break the ice!!

ALWAYS 50/50 - or very close

These will be social events with the intention of helping you interact meaningfully and effortlessly with other singles AND have a blast! This group is for people who see this as a great way to break the ice and connect with people and have fun. So the games we choose will be those that we think will do that. Some game ideas are Cards Against Humanity, Pictionary, Full Disclosure and Minute to Win It Games. These are just a few ideas and we will totally take suggestions of others. We won't be playing Monopoly, sorry :-( And this really isn't about the games but connecting.

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The structure of the evening....

The event will be gender balanced and have close to 50-60 people there. Guests will be split up into smaller, gender balanced groups and the groups will be mixed a few times throughout the evening to get a chance to play games with as many different people as possible. There will also be plenty of time between the games just to hang out. This group is not really about the games. Its about using the games as an easy way to break the ice, connect and have fun. So this group is not really for the hard core gamers. Its for folks who want to make the whole "connect and meet new people" thing a WHOLE LOT easier, less stressful (or not stressful at all) and WAY more enjoyable.

I see this as another way (and maybe a much easier way) to interact with a potential date at a singles event and avoid the struggles that you might have at a " regular mix and mingle" such as...

• Going up to someone new, or breaking into a group that is already talking and introducing yourself.

• Coming up with an interesting conversation.

• Struggling with how to politely break out of the conversation to meet someone else.

• Not really getting a chance to "really" interact with someone being real but being stuck in boring chit chat.

This will be SO MUCH EASIER!!!

I hope you can join us!

See you soon

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