Blockchain 101 - Introduction

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Blockchain here, blockchain there, we hear about Blockchain everywhere – but what makes it so newsworthy? Why is it seen so transformational and how can it be turned into a commercial opportunity?

Our 6-part speaker series aims to explore 360 degrees of Blockchain. Whether you have never heard of Blockchain, are a keen ICO investor or are looking for ways to apply it to your business – we have an event just for you!

‘Blockchain 101 – An Introduction’ is the first event in the series.

The focus is to build a solid base knowledge on what Blockchain is. It will demystify the term and explore what Blockchain actually is and why it has become so interesting.

We are pleased to announce John Whelan as our first speaker. He is the Director of Innovation at Banco Santander responsible for its blockchain lab. John's Blockchain involvement is diverse e.g co-chairman of tech committee on Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, founder/CEO of Coinist Inc., and worked as a President with Ripple in their earlier years.

In his lifetime he has also founded a startup, spent time in the management consulting world and experienced the supply curve meeting the demand curve in the trading pits at The Chicago Board Options Exchange. John has an MBA in Finance and a degree in Chemical Engineering.

You will have a chance to learn from John, discuss burning questions with your peers and ask any questions that might be bugging you...

And you decide how much you are willing to pay. Our suggestion is £10, but really, anything goes. Your donation will help us continue running events on exponential technologies.

This event is made possible thanks to SingularityU London Chapter and WeWork. Schedule:

18:30 – 19:00 Registration & Networking drinks sponsored by WeWork

19:00 - 19:40 Welcome and Intro to Blockchain

19:40 - 20:30 Audience interaction, Q&A

20:30 - Networking/drinks

Registration via Eventbrite:

SingularityU London Chapter and WeWork have teamed up to put on a series of events on Blockchain. Our intention is to educate and inspire the WeWork, SingularityU London Chapter and wider London communities.

The idea is for the series to bring someone who has no understanding or knowledge on Blockchain to be able to by the end of the series have an idea of how to integrate Blockchain in their every day. The series will begin with the basics of what Blockchain is and what it means -a Blockchain 101. Over time, we will build up to more in-depth topics; the audience will vary, but the idea is to scale up from people who had no knowledge to people with increasing amounts of theoretical and finally practical expertise on the wider Blockchain concept.


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