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SingularityNET & Nature 2.0: Decentralizing AI-Creative Meetup

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Are you ready for the joint SingularityNET ( and Nature2.0 ( meetup? This meetup is interesting for those wanting to explore applications and use cases with decentralized AI as well as for those preparing to participate in world's biggest hackathons: Odyssey (formerly known as Dutchchain). See

At the end of the event, there will be room to pitch your ideas! Odyssey is giving away 200K in prize money, so definitely attend to get your ideas cracked and critiqued by AI + Blockchain experts on factors as business value and impact. Stay tuned for our more technical meetup in March!


18:30 -- Doors open, Pizza & hamburgers

19:00 -- Opening & introduction to Nature2.0: Fixing the world through crazy hacking- Building the unimaginable Jan-Peter Doomernik (Lead Nature2.0 track of
Every innovative disruption seems crazy before it is adopted. What seems nuts today may benefit society tomorrow, but only if we get to work, together, in order to build the unimaginable. Technology is not the main challenge. It is us, the humans, who miss out on tons of possibilities because of frozen mindsets. What can we learn from the 8.7 million other animal species, that fulfill their basic needs using ecosystems without ownership, without identity like humans use it, and without money? In the nature2.0 track, we ask you to build commons, ecosystems towards abundance or ownerless ecosystems

19:15 -- Decentralizing AI: Extraordinary Opportunities & stunning examples: Ibby Benali, Marketing Manager & Data Protection Officer
Artificial Intelligence is playing a bigger role every day in our lives. One of the biggest questions is how you could make Artificial Intelligence even more intelligent, so that it can reach human-level intelligence, or even beyond that: Artificial General intelligence. Ibby Benali will introduce you to the concept of decentralized micro AI services that can form the world’s global AI brain on the blockchain, and how one of your very own AI services could be part of the bigger whole.

19.30 -- Data is labor: Arif Khan Marketing VP
How should we think about our data within the context of social contracts? Recent embarrassing disclosures by large tech firms has emphasized the importance of our data. Should data be treated as capital? Or should it be more radically categorised as labor given its enormous contribution to the algorithmic supply chain. How should we think about our rights as individuals and can the blockchain facilitate a new paradigm in this domain?

19:50 -- interaction 1 (Ibby, Arif & Jan-Peter): Burning questions - Who do I want to meet during the break?

20.00 -- break

20.30 -- interaction 2 (Ibby, Arif & JP): Joint exploration of all your questions (& Moderator)

21.10 -- Pitch & share: What is your idea to participate in the Hackathon? Nature2.0 ready? Doable with AI? An excellent opportunity to craft or fine tune your odyssey –application.

21:25 -- Wrap up

21:30 -- Meet & mingle with drinks