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Finally, why has no one addressed this elephant in the room? Cannabis is readily available and legal but "YOUR HANDS ARE TIED". You are a professional in the corporate, legal, government, or medical fields. You have family, kids, responsibilities. Your friends , church or spouse just don't smoke. Those days of sneaking around , taking a walk, or just going out on the deck alone are over. I am forming a meetup of open minded, mature, non-impulsive, responsible individuals that just would like to partake in lively discussions and maybe have a few laughs. This is not a group for hard core stoners, ne'er do wells, the unemployed, depressed, lawbreakers, swingers, rowdy rebel rouser, or if you are still living in your parent's basement. I apologise if anything sounded offensive or condescending , for there are many other meetups and agencies to meet those needs. I am just trying to form a group of people with various experiences that have responsibilities that preclude them from openly socializing. Afterwards , I hope all will return to their NORMAL, happy, healthy , productive lives.

NOTE: to make this very interesting (as tokers do), I recommend creating an alias(new account, and name) to maintain anonymity.(let me know if you need advice on how to do this). A photo is requested to test your commitment, as well as your resourcefulness, that's all.

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