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Camping at The Cove Campground, Shooting range optional

The Cove Campground

980 Cove Road · Gore, VA

How to find us

Ask front office where Eric/Kain's site(s) are at and they will guide you to them.

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The Cove is a very nice relaxing camp site in Gore VA. a 3000 acre tree farm with a lot of camp sites, and on top of their mountain away from the camping areas is an open door range for 15$ for the day. I tend to bring most of my firearms with me to plink a handful of hours on Saturday and just relax/cook afterwards. Enjoy being away from the city, work and internet (though can pick it up in spotty areas with your cell there). Most sites do NOT have power, so keep that in mind! And i tend to pick ones that don't have it as those that do have it are very limited and noisy neighbors. I bring a 22,000mah battery thing that can boost cars and power USB devices for a long while to help charge phones and handle Bluetooth speaker things if needed.

Their web site: http://www.covecampground.com/
3000 Mountain Acres - 100 Campsites - 3 Large Spring-fed Lakes Just 12 miles west of Winchester, Virginia - 80 minutes from Washington, DC


*Camping-- Per person per 24 hours Each Adult- $17.00 Each Child (Ages 2-11)- $8.00 Minimum Fee per Site- $35.00 Deposit Fee- $40.00 Per Site (Deposit fees are only charged to those making a reservation for a site)

Wood: 8 chopped up log pieces for 5$. Can bring in starter logs but they don't want logs/wood brought in from other areas please. Every site has its own fire pit.

I tend to get one (1) site unless a lot RSVP to merit more. but its worth it to me. It is not hard core camping where miles away from anyone/anything, it isn't light core camping like Burke Lake park camping or Bull Run Park camping. But the closest Wal Mart to get supplies and such is a 25 minute drive back into town. I would not recommend driving low profile pretty cars here as they will get dirty and potentially scratched up from gravel and other rocks. If going up to the shooting range you NEED a raised crossover vehicle (RAV4, Crosstour, Outback) or SUV (suburban, pickup truck) to safely get up there and around big rocks and such on the way up and down. If you come you do NOT have to go shooting! But any who do wanna go shoot I recommend bringing ammo or bring cash if going to shoot my guns and ammo so I can get more as for most of my guns it isn't the cheapest (like the 44 magnum rounds or S&W 500 rounds that are 2-3$ a bullet!). Willing to teach folks how to shoot and see if its something they like or not. The whole point of this trip is to get away and have fun. Can ask me about what guns i have and ammo they take.

There IS an Alamo Drafthouse in Winchester 30 minutes back into town we can hit if you all want to.

Bring money to help cover your stay there, and some burgers/hot dogs/things can cook on a grille you would like to eat or help contribute. If we ran out of food wee can restock at Wal mart if needed.

I have a large tent to handle 3-4 or so people comfortably with equipment inside, but i cant fit everyone in there if a lot come. please bring a tent if you can just in case its needed.

Also let me know if you have ever camped before or not, and if caring to shoot if you have experience or not. It will help me know what to do with you.

Any questions, ask away! I know a lot who watch here have not camped with me or may not have at all. I go even if its just me to these camp meetups.