Generic House Meet at Eric/Kain's!

Eric's House

12016 Aden Road · Nokesville, VA

How to find us

Directly across the street from Brentsville High School

Location image of event venue


Time for another normal/generic meet at my house. If folks want to make it more video game themed or board gamed themed or (insert theme here) PLEASE SPEAK UP! I just say Generic because nobody has told me they want an x themed meet for that month.

** I will set out a donation/tip jar that goes towards renewing the meetup fees to keep this going as well as on whatever foods/drinks for the community to have. If you liked the meet then consider tossing some change in there. Would appreciate it as well as the rest of the group! :)

PLEASE check the links provided lower in the description to see where are good spots can park here (can park on the street if plan to leave before event is over or not spending the night to avoid being blocked in)

Fursuits are allowed but PLEASE try to stay on one floor of the house when suiting unless have a spotter to help guide you around the stairs. Also if the fire pit is in use NO SUITS ALLOWED IN THE BACK YARD OR AROUND THE FIRE PIT! NO EXCEPTIONS.

Later in the evening after dinner time I will try to take over the projector computer or the computer/TV in the bedroom at the end of the house to either show folks some old cartoons, animated movies or car shows (Top gear, Grand Tour, fifth gear etc) that the crowd is in the mood to see. You are welcome to bring any console systems here or shows to show folks.

I lack good amounts of board games so if you wanna entertain me or others with some please bring some with you. I have Arkham Horror, Formula D with many expansion packs, Rally Cup!, and a few others.

Images of house and where to park:

House -

Where can/can't park -

Other photos of the parking areas and deck and inside rooms are in this Dropbox folder -

Food plans for this meet: I still do not have income from my new career yet to merit splurging a lot on food/drinks/etc. for 20-40 people unfortunately. So it will be mostly a self-serve meet again. There are 2 kitchens here at your disposal to use to cook whatever you want for yourself or for others. There is also a binder by the couches in the upstairs den that list all the restaurants around the area that deliver or are available to sit in!

Enjoy time around others at the fire pit, back yard cleaned up and ready to play ball in, set up tents in or simply enjoy the fire pit at night time or chill on the deck if gaming/playing pool isn't your thing. 20-40 seem to come to this on average, but there are 2 floors, garage space and some rooms on my half of the house to divide up into small groups if folks want. There are 5 bedrooms available to put people in who want to crash here for the meet. Some rooms only have a twin bed in it, some have a full or queen bed in it and floor space for more to crash in. If you plan to bring a dog here PLEASE LET ME KNOW IN ADVANCE. I have to get the cats put away in my bedroom as they don't get along well with dogs. The dog will be solely your responsibility to take care of while here. if it misbehaves and/or starts to use my floors as a restroom you will be told to clean it up. if it keeps happening I will have to ask that the pet(s) not be allowed at my house anymore.

I will have a lot of blank write-able badges you can (and encouraged!) to use to help everyone know who is who. I have clips and pouches they can be stored in if don't want to stick the badge directly on your shirt. (And if any are willing to be the badge manager to help folks put on/have badges while here please let me know. I'd appreciate it!)

There are three (3) indoor-only cats here at the house. Please keep doors and screens to outside closed to prevent them from escaping.