What we're about

Splashing in puddles. Playing tag. Chasing fireflies. Running through sprinklers. Jumping in leaf piles. Autumn bonfires. Making snow angels. Ice skating in the backyard. Staying outside until nearly frozen solid. Warming up with hot cocoa and the laughter of good friends beside you.

Didn’t it seem like it was easy to make friends during childhood and as a young adult? There was always someone from the neighborhood, or school to get together to do something with. Moreover, there was always someone (or a group of people) that were there to share in the joys of life and had your back when things weren’t going so great.

As an adult, I miss that camaraderie and I find in this fast paced society, it’s difficult to make new friends. I created Sirius Friends Twin Cities, for people ages 30 to 50, to meet with the hope of creating, cultivating and nurturing life-long friendships. Sirius is the brightest star in the sky – it often sparkles and flickers with many colors. Let’s be a bright spark in each other’s lives -- a group we can turn to, to have a good time and a group we can count on when we hit a few bumps in the road of life. I’m keeping the group on the smaller side, so we can get to know each other. This is NOT a dating/love matchmaking group.

I invite you to join us if you’re interested in the same. A variety of group activities will be offered from happy hours, to game nights, to movies, to bingo, to bonfires under the stars. Who knows? Maybe we’ll catch a glimpse of a firefly bringing a little magic to the night sky.

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Fall Colors Cruise on the St. Croix River

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Dinner At Boca Chica Restaurante

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Let's Play Bingo!

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