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What is The Sisterhood Social?

We are likeminded women of all ages, colors, and stories that connect and collaborate to learn from each other, teach one another, and grow together to build a beautiful and loving sisterhood community both virtually and in person to evolve and elevate ourselves on our journeys to becoming the best version of ourselves.

We speak our truth without judgement and have a safe space to share our experiences.

We live through the lens of love and not fear.

Together, we achieve greater self-confidence, face our fears and fully explore and express who we are from the inside out.

We have pot luck style get togethers in each others' homes with game nights & good food and wine, check out healthy restaurants on their slow nights so we can stay as long as we want and talk all night. We have a monthly meet up event with speakers, healthy food and drinks (and goodie bags with coupons and gift cards!) and feel safe to "let it all out" and share our stories, our passions, or tears, our gifts, and teach and learn from each other whether it's about been vegan, overall health and wellness, spirituality, how to manifest the life you want, the law of attraction, or just how to make your own almond milk.

We have picnics in the park, movie nights in and out, a book club, and even a writer's workshop for those of us with "a book in us". We will even have an annual retreat to connect with sisters across the globe! We have a Closed Facebook Group (link is on this page) where we connect to inspire, motivate, and collaborate with our sisters globally, or just have a safe space to vent and reach out for advice or help with something at any moment.

It doesn't matter where you live...we will organize events for you all but there is an NYC group! https://www.meetup.com/The-Sisterhood-Social/

Join us, and #letitout Soul Sister!

<3 Rita @iamritapira

The Sisterhood Social Founder


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Sisterhood Social Kickoff Party!

River North


It's our first CHICAGO Meetup! Details coming soon.

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Virtual Meet and Greet in the Facebook Group!

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