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This is a group for anyone who would consider themselves or have an interest in feminism and the feminist movement. Whether you're an active campaigner or an armchair supporter of the cause, I would like to gather a group of like minded ladies who will get together to campaign, read about, discuss and learn about the history & the theory of the feminist movement, in a fun & relaxed manner (bra burning optional!)

I'm Beth, I'm 26 & a TA. I'm in a relationship, sew, knit, craft & bake non-stop, I love animals & floral patterns & always wear dresses. In effect, I'm the model 50s housewife, with the exception of one thing - I'm a feminist. My point is just that I'm perfectly ordinary! I'm not an extremist or an activist, just a young woman who sees the behaviour and expectations of many of the girls currently in popular culture with dismay and sadness, and would like to find a group of women with whom I can relay and discuss this, as well as actively campaigning or petitioning for women's rights and social changes. The word feminist has negative connotations, so it would be nice to be part of a group that doesn't feel they need to be aggressive or unnecessarily argumentative in their approach, rather just women who want to celebrate who & what they are, learning not to feel that they'll never be as thin or as pretty or as cool as the Miss Thing of the month, as well as learn together more about the movement as a whole.

I think as a whole the sisterhood is facing a break down, the way girls look at & judge one another is as much womens' responsibility as it is social representations and male expectations. If together we can create at least one group where everyone feels welcome, valued and that they won't get the "look up and down" when they walk into the room, we are making the female world a slightly happier place.

As long as they are open, willing to discussion and debate anything and everything it is to be a woman, and have that V instead of a P, any woman is welcome to join & expand the sisterhood beyond one person looking for discussions, change and new friends along the way!

"To all the girls that think you're ugly because you're not a size 0 - you're the beautiful one. It's society that's ugly." - Marilyn Monroe

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