"Creating Complex Characters" & "The Art of Interviewing"

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"Creating Complex Characters" & "The Art of Interviewing"

9:30-10:00 am Welcome, Announcements

10:00 am-12:00 pm "Creating Complex Characters " – Shawn McGuire & Sandra Murphy

No one wants to read about a character who is no more interesting than their driver's license. The author’s job is to make sure their characters are well-rounded and interesting. The actor’s job is to bring scripted characters to life. In this workshop, you will work with both author, Shawn McGuire, and actor, Sandra Murphy, to explore how characters are created and brought to life.

We will start with the vital stats that tell us little more than what we know about a stranger on the street. We’ll add layers and details that make the story practically start writing itself. Using a developed character, Shawn will walk you through a step-by-step outline as you follow along creating your own character and filling in the details. Sandra will get you up off your chair to put into practice what you’ve learned. Through acting exercises, you’ll engage with your characters on a visceral level and explore your character's physicality, body alignment, and non-verbal communication.

By really getting to know your characters, you will learn how much easier it is to write scenes that are believable and make sense to the story.

12:00-1:00 pm Lunch (brown bag or visit nearby restaurants)

1:00-3:00 pm "The Art of Interviewing: Going Beyond Good/Bad Cop to Explore Other Strategies/Techniques" - Doug Cox

Listening is only one component of a successful interview. Kinesic interviewing is the study of non-verbal communication used to detect deception and discomfort to the questions asked. Understanding these cues shapes an investigator’s questions, may be used to provoke evidentiary details, and hopefully truth. Additionally, the effects of trauma impacts how a victim/witness recalls events. Understanding the neurobiology of trauma prepares the investigator to gather both sensory information and a chronological recollection of events. It is critical to establishing positive rapport with the victim/survivor, and collecting the most relevant and complete information.

3:00-4:00 pm Board Meeting (all are welcome, location tbd)
About the Presenters:

Suspense author Shawn McGuire started writing after seeing the first Star Wars movie (that's episode IV) as a kid. She couldn't wait for the next installment to come out so wrote her own. Sadly, those notebooks are long lost, but her desire to tell a tale is as strong now as it was then. She grew up in the beautiful Mississippi River town of Winona, Minnesota and then called the Milwaukee area of Wisconsin (Go Pack Go!) home for many years before moving to Colorado. Shawn is a homebody. When not writing or read, you’ll find her find her in the kitchen or crafting something.
Sandra Murphy, the Voice Mama™, is a versatile voice over actor and award-winning audiobook narrator whose compelling, sophisticated narration fully envelopes the listener in the story, whether it’s a cozy mystery or an intense thriller. Sandra knows that there is so much more to a story than the words on the page and is adept at using her theatrical instincts to bring stories to life fully enveloping the listener in the story.
Doug Cox is a writing consultant aiding crime and mystery writers while also writing creative nonfiction about his own career experiences. He is retired [masked]) after serving in several roles as a Law Enforcement Officer, Municipal Street Patrol, Criminal Investigations, and Forensics. . . ultimately climbing the ladder to Chief of Police. Doug also has a broad resume and extensive experience in consulting for police agencies and training officers across the Midwest. He is presently focused on educating writers about police procedure, forensic technology, interviews and interrogation, and investigations for acts of violence against women and the use of predatory drugs. Twitter: @doug_cox200