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SISTERS OF LIGHT World Class Transitionists ~ Life Facilitators of Change and Empowerment

Assisting you to transition on your desired path. "The rods of energy, exclusive to silver and gold, will always be one without division"

Mother Owl ~ Leah, is a long time Energy Intuitive and Empath. Her gifts have been unfolding from a young age and continue to evolve. Leah's clients have always been drawn to open up to her and have a high regard for her intuition. She is comforting, loving, attentive and provides clarity. Leah's intuition comes from her ability to pay attention to her guides and speaks from a place assisted by her higher self and guides. She practices integrity and follows the philosophy that all actions should be made for the highest and greatest good of all involved. She started her healing journey as a Reiki Master many years ago and following many teachings, classes, workshops, readings and healings, they have now progressed. The silver rod that runs from above the crown chakra through the root chakra, empowers her ability to transition clients,work with soul DNA coding, a conduit of Source Energy which combined with frequency and vibration achieves a much deeper, immersed transition where needed with love and sliver light energy including chakra balancing. Leah’s credentials include Energy Healer, Life Transitionist, Life Empowerment Facilitation, Guided Meditation Facilitator, Attuned to the Akashic Records , Hypnotherapist, Certified Kambo & Nunu Practitioner, IASP , Bufo Practitioner, Specialized Healings/ Training's with Peruvian Shaman, Teacher & Mentor.

Sister Goldenrod ~ Rosemary, is a healer conduit of divine universal light. This light energy is of love and peace which may heal you on all levels emotionally, spiritually and physically. This healing will allow one to function with a more balanced outlook of themselves and the world. The golden rod that runs from above the crown chakra through the root chakra, empowers her ability to transition clients, work with soul DNA coding & transmutations. Energy transmutations that help to alleviate anxiety, depression, and addiction with the inclusion of many other issues. With over twenty years’ experience working in the field of mental health in conjunction with her spiritual work, Rosemary is able to support her clients in a caring, respectful and holistic manner. Rosemary’s credentials include Mental Health worker, Reiki Master & Teacher, Kambo practitioner and Nu Nu trained by Peter Gorman, Certified Bufo Practitioner and Crystal Healing certification. Being a woman of colour of Afro Canadian decent she is able to honour, respect and appreciate diversity with her clients as well, while supporting you on your healing and spiritual journey.

OFFERED ONE ON ONE OR REMOTE Spiritual Therapy / Guidance Reiki & Guided Energetic Healings Individual or Group, Mindfulness, Manifestation and / or Guided Meditation Men and Women Circles ETL Workshops Weekend Healing Getaways Shamanic Sound Therapy & Energetic Healings Energy Hypnotherapy Kambo Ceremony Bufo Ceremony Crystal Healing Reiki Training ~ Levels 1, 2 and Master Local & Global Retreats Reiki Re-Birth Session AND SO MUCH MORE....


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Phone: 905-867-5377

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