Roundtable talks: Self-Compassion at work as a WoC

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981 Mission St · San Francisco, CA

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There will most likely be a person for check-in, ask for Sisters Who Lead! Meetup room.

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Sisters, we have a new event! ***It's the LAST WEDNESDAY OF MAY***

Mood goals:
Open, collaborative, real, effective and fun! I encourage us all to be learners and teachers.

Whether we're 9-5ers, business owners or all day and night hustlers, we've GOT to practice self-compassion constantly. We're working thrice as hard, doing more emotional labor than others to simply do our jobs. On top of the real ass external blockers we deal with (racism, sexism, etc), we're also just like everybody else an experience overwhelm, burnout and imposter syndrome-type thoughts. How do we practice compassion on ourselves and trust in our journey, expertise and worthiness for success and achievement? What can we let go of that doesn't serve? What can we amplify? How do we heal?

Good stuff, yeah?!

Let's open up to what challenges we can help with and collectively share our lessons, tips and actions on how we practice self-compassion for ourselves!

This is intended to be an intimate, fun and effective round table discussion to build connections, sisterhood and take away new perspectives on what it means to be a WoC leader.

6pm - Grab a drink, get settled in our room and get to know each other
6:15pm - Intros
6:30pm - Topic Q's and roundtable discussion
7:30pm - Time for Asks & Offers
7:50pm - cleanup and GTFO, as building closes at 8pm :]

When: Monday, April 29th, 6-8pm.

Covo co-working space. The specific room is TBD based on their availability, so we may or may not be cozied up together, depending on our turnout and room provided.

Request for attendees:
Kindly support our patrons by buying a bevvy (wine, beer, tea, coffee, soda, whatever floats your boat!), in exchange for the room they're giving us once a month. They also have snacks and food for purchase.

Why the request?
Covo's badass and has always supported many cultural and inclusive events I've attended. When I contacted them about the group their CEO was so excited to support Women of Color by providing a monthly room for us (so expect to keep coming here!)--their only request was to ask for patronage to their cafe or Tap Lounge upon usage of the space.

***Special note: Covo is generously staying open 1 hour later for our WoC group once a month, even if their closing hours have been moved to 7pm now. We'll start wrapping up and heading out at 7:50. :] ***