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Have you been looking for your tribe of women who will support and celebrate you?

Long ago, the women of the village gathered to look after each other’s children, tell stories, seek guidance, and rest in the red tent.

It was a way of life.

And then it was lost.

Today, we live in our separate bubbles, isolated from one another and disconnected from that sense of tribe. We desperately crave human contact, and yet have forgotten how to create it.

We find ourselves scrolling on social media, wanting to feel connected, and then finding ourselves even more disconnected.

Until … we find circle.

Because so many women have forgotten the lost art of circling, we have created a powerful circle container.

If you have been looking for:

✨a place that provides safety to create, love, dance, laugh, cry or just be

✨a place where your authentic self is always celebrated

✨a place to open up to share desires, thoughts and feelings

Then we invite you into our sacred circle.

Each month, at our experiential circle gatherings, you will reconnect with your wisdom, beauty, intuition, compassion and creativity. We also offer 8 and 12-week circle programs that go deeper.

Participate in circle sharing, activities and meditations that will leave feeling grounded, connected, rejuvenated, loved and present. Experience the magic that happens when women gather, take time for yourself and fill your cup.

We look forward to welcoming you into our circle, sister. 🙏

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The Gathering: The Holy Trinity: Sistership, Circle and Feminine Leadership

Are you looking to connect with amazing women who lift you up and inspire you? Do you want to fully own your worth so you live life on your terms? Are you ready to embrace your feminine power and break through the fears that hold you back from shining? If you feel a YES firing up within you, then please join us at Sistership Circle’s Feminine Leadership Unleashed! When women come together to support each other by listening deeply to one another, celebrating each other’s brilliance, giving one another permission to shine and encouraging each other’s leadership… Possibilities open up. Families are empowered. Communities are formed. The world becomes an inspiring place to play. Sister I invite YOU to step into your power and celebrate your feminine essence by joining other like-minded women for a divine afternoon of connection and expansion. What you can expect: ✨ Amazing facilitators sharing their insights and guiding you through exercises to embody your feminine power ✨ Connection, support and celebration from like-minded women in your community ✨ Activation of your essence, passion, gifts and strengths in leadership Join a conversation that raises you to your highest potential and awakens your ability to create the most amazing version of life that you can imagine. Come be part of an amazing community of women who exude love, support and depth. You can expect to leave the event feeling alive and on fire, connected to a new authentic community of sisterhood, and a sense of freedom to live life on your own terms. Circle will be created to facilitate connection with other local women leaders in our community and the topic of “Empowering Feminine Leadership” will be explored. Participants will be invited to join the 12 week program to go deeper into feminine connection and co-creation. ✨ Every woman deserves to be supported ✨ Every woman needs a real sister ✨ Every woman has the right to speak her feelings ✨ Every woman is a natural born feminine leader ✨ Every woman belongs in the circle What Is Sistership Circle? Sistership Circle is committed to women awakening their inner feminine power and experiencing the freedom to be authentically and unapologetically themselves. You are a powerful woman with the ability to manifest all that you desire. Awaken your power and live a life you love! We offer circle programs for women to unlock the depths of their feminine power, connect with like-minded women in sisterhood, and embody their feminine leadership. You’ll have an opportunity to learn about our 12-week circle during the Launch Festival and join if you feel the call.

The Gathering: "Sovereign Feminine Power"

207 E North Ave


Do you question your own authority and have trouble trusting your intuition? There is a rampant disease amongst women called doubtitis. But there’s good news for you: there is a cure. The cure is simple but not easy. It requires a paradigm shift from sitting like an obedient schoolgirl, waiting for the teacher to call on you. You have to know that you know. And one way to truly trust that knowing that’s deep inside of you is to step into your queen and reclaim your sovereign feminine power. At this month’s circle, you will activate the queen energy within your mind, body and soul and leave feeling connected to your own inner power instead of searching for that power outside of yourself.

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The Gathering: Claim Your Desire

207 E North Ave

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