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Celebrate a Writer's Finished Manuscript

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Oak Glen Apartment Homes

100 Valley Oak Drive · Irvine, CA

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At the apartment clubhouse, adjacent to the management offices

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Hi guys,

Recently, group member and friend Frank Pray suggested a radical idea to me: to share the completion of my dark urban fantasy novel, Vessel of Kali, with our writer's group, as well as friends in the area. As a very private person, this concept initially struck me as terrifying, but I've since come to understand its value.

I see this event as not just about me, but about all writers, and by extension, all creative individuals who strive and labor, either alone or with others, to do what they love.

This event will feature a reading from my novel, food and generally, some good times. It will also feature artwork inspired by the novel, from local artists Damarcus Holbrook, Zachary Turner, Josh Navarro, & Brandon Blackwell.


This is a potluck, to mingle with friends, writers and non-writers, to enjoy some food, wine, music, and laughter (and who knows, maybe some dancing). We'll have sandwiches and drinks. Please bring either a salad, side dish or dessert. This will be a casual affair for friends and friends of friends.

Arrival & Hangout - 5:00pm

Food Time - 6:00pm

Reading from Vessel of Kali & Q&A - 7:00pm-ish


Oak Glen Apartment Homes -

The Clubhouse is around the corner from the management offices, and adjacent. The Entrance Gate is open until 7:00, and thereafter, you may need to wait a short while until another vehicle enters to follow behind.

Something about the novel, Vessel of Kali:

When a violent faction splinters from the cult of the goddess Kali, newly raised cult leader ELARA AEVE, a reclusive and mistrusting young woman, hunts the dissidents through the holy city of New Corinth, finding the inner power to overcome her abusive past through a conflict that risks the lives of millions.

Under the luminous, gem-encrusted streets of the holy city of New Corinth, where drug-induced bliss shackles its citizens, Elara and the cult of Kali – the Kali’ka – dwell in ancient catacombs. For millennia, they have secretly sought out and harbored Corinthians ready for the spiritual awakening that only painful, suppressed emotions can unleash.

But when Kali’ka extremist FALLOW shatters their cult’s anonymity by emerging on the streets of New Corinth, vowing to destroy the city, tension inflames between the Kali’ka and a Corinthian society placed face to face with an underbelly it believed was only myth. Elara, at odds with paralyzed Kali’ka politics, faces a terrible choice: hunt down Fallow and indirectly aid the abusive society she abandoned, or let Fallow exterminate millions of unawakened.

Elara tracks Fallow’s dissident faction to an unknown, desecrated quarter of New Corinth. Along the way, faced with violence, hardship, and strife, she grows ever-willing to do whatever is necessary to forge a free future, even if it means piercing the planes of reality and becoming a vessel for the goddess Kali, herself.


I hope as many of you as possible can make it to this event! It'd be great to share some time together. If you've never had the chance to go to one of our meetups, consider this a hearty welcome. If you've been every week, consider this a chance to see what people are like when their noses aren't face down in their writing.

Thanks, and hope to see you there!