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Refinancing To Grow Your Real Estate Assets

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Refinancing To Grow Your Real Estate Assets

Friday, May 8, 2015

Cash Bar @ Baka Gallery Cafe, Bloor West Village (2256 Bloor St West, above the Bell Store) - FREE admission


How to use refinance to grow your portfolio faster


6:30pm Doors Open ~ Networking & Mingling at the bar
7:15pm Laure Ampilhac, Mortgage Agent & Certified Wealth Management Advisor
7:30pm Nasser Yaltaghian, Top 1% Mortgage Broker Nationally
7:45pm - Gary Hibbert, Realtor, Investor, Coach 8:00pm "All your questions answered" - Roberto Caruso, Real Estate Lawyer
8:15pm PANEL OF DISCUSSION: REFINANCING to Grow Your Real Estate Assets with Gary Hibbert (Realtor, Investor, Coach), Roberto Caruso (Lawyer), Laure Ampilhac (Mortgage Agent, Investor), and Nasser Yaltaghian (Mortgage Broker Nationally at Mortgage Alliance).
9:00pm - 10:00pm ~ Networking at the bar

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Canadian consumers have been enjoying historically low mortgage rates since about 2009, when the financial crisis forced central banks around the world, including the Bank of Canada, to turn on the easy money spigots. The result has been a serious real estate boom, record home ownership rates and a buzzing construction industry. Borrowers are not limited to refinancing only the existing mortgage balance but they also have the option to draw equity out of the property. This counteracts the out-of-pocket cost of the prepayment penalty, since equity can be used to cover it.

One of the positives to refinancing in the middle of the term is that in this low interest rate environment, a borrower can take the additional term and lock in the low interest rate for a term that is longer than the remaining term on the existing mortgage. This helps to secure a low interest rate considering interest rates are expected to rise over time.

Refinances of mortgages, however, do have other cost considerations that need to be considered. The completion a mortgage refinance would incur new legal costs to register the new mortgage, a new appraisal, a new environmental report and a new building condition report. These additional costs should always be reviewed and offset against the benefits of the refinance.

While every mortgage has unique terms which can make each analysis different, it is easy to run the analysis to determine the pro and cons for each scenario. Considering how low interest rates have dropped, it can only benefit you to take a look at the scenario.

Join us on May 8 to create or review your strategy.


6:30pm Doors Open ~ Netwo

rking & Mingling at the bar
7:15pm Laure Ampilhac, Mortgage Agent & Certified Wealth Management Advisor
7:30pm Nasser Yaltaghian, Top 1% Mortgage Broker Nationally
8:00pm - Guest Speaker
8:30pm "All your questions answered" - Rober

to Caruso, Real Estate Lawyer
9:00pm - 10:00pm

~ Networking at the bar


There are three key reasons why you should consider refinancing your current mortgages.

Firstly, doin

g so will likely enable you to secure better loan deals across your existing portfolio with lowe

r interest rates - reducing your overall payments and providing extra capital for new investments.

Secondly, refinancing may allow you to borrow against the equity in your existing property (or properties) to finance additional acquisitions.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, refinancing will necessitate a valuation of your investment portfolio, which will help you to identify what assets are and aren't performing, and to take action accordingly.


Too many investors try to grow their property portfolio without clear and measurable goals, often leading to underperformance of assets and wasted time and money. It is for this reason that we recommend working with a mortgage broker and wealth management advisor before making new investments; doing this will allow you to map out goals, timelines and strategies for not only prospective investments, but investments already in your portfolio.

Setting goals and timelines will provide you with a tangible reference point to measure the performance of your investments over time. With these measures in place, you'll be better positioned to determine the returns on your investments and which assets are worth holding on to or letting go.

While setting investment goals and regularly reviewing performance may seem like relatively obvious steps, they are fundamental for investors looking to grow a property portfolio quickly.

Because property is generally an asset that people hold on to for long time-periods, there is a tendency for property investors to take a back seat in terms of reviewing asset performance. If you're looking for long-term gains, regular performance reviews are arguably not as important; but if you're aiming to leverage your investments to grow your portfolio quickly, your capital should be invested in assets that are generating returns and increasing your borrowing power in the medium-term.

Talking from experience, investments that break even or depreciate over the medium-term generally continue to perform poorly over the long-term. In these instances, investors would be wise to seriously question whether the asset is worth holding on to - particularly if they're looking to accelerate portfolio growth.

Regular reviews of your investment portfolio will also help you to ascertain whether or not your asset weighting is consistent with your financial appetite. Your financial goals and risk profile may change over time and, as such, you might find yourself wanting to move between different asset classes and diversification strategies. Often these decisions will come down to your perception of market conditions and experiences with different asset types.

By reviewing your risk profile and financial appetite with a wealth management advisor, you may be able to recalibrate your investment portfolio to have a sharper growth trajectory. There is no set period for reviewing your portfolio - however, prudent investors will conduct a review at least once every three years, if not more.


PS: Admission is on us. FREE event. Bring lots of business cards and good vibes!

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