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Real Estate Investors Mixer | INSURANCE 101 | Safeguard your assets!

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Geary Lane

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Six Degrees Real Estate Mixer

Come learn about:

INSURANCE 101 | Safeguard your assets! Presented by 5 speakers

Opportunity to Network with like-minded investors Monday April 25, 2016

6:30 PM to 10:00 PM

Geary Lane ( ★ 360 Geary avenue, Toronto ★ Free Parking ★ CASH BAR

$20 admission (

cash at the door -- Or pay by Paylpal

It has been said that responsible people buy life insurance for one of two reasons; they either love someone or they owe someone. Learn about how to protect your financial future and find out more about the differences between life, critical illness and income protection insurance. As well as what to look for in a Home Insurance, Extended Health Care Programs (Health Spending Account) available to Canadian families, home owners and investors.


6:30 pm Doors Open | Networking
7:00 pm Introduction by Jude Delsoin ( | Professional Coach | Poet | Writer | Performer
7:05 pm Laure Ampilhac (| Say "No" to Mortgage Insurance
7:10 pm Kevin Cahill (| Motivational Speech: Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants
7:30 pm Alex Bell ( | The Fine Prints of your Property Insurance Policy
8:00 pm Patricia Abad (| Why you should get Life Insurance
8:30 pm Don Hopkins ( | The Biggest Tax Break Very Few Are Aware of: Health Spending Account
9:00 pm - 10:00 pm ~ Networking

"Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family." -- Kofi Annan


Alex Bell (, B.A. Dalton Timmis, Home Insurance

Joel Mixa ( Barrister and Solicitor

SPEAKERS Introduction by Jude Delsoin 7:00 pm

Jude Delsoin ( | Professional Coach | Poet | Writer | Performer

Jude M. Delsoin, is professional coach, poet, writer and performer, she has had a direct impact on people’s lives, leaving her mark as a confidence-booster. She uses French, Creole, andEnglish for her work. Jude is poetically able to bring you into another dimension of thinking. We see her on Rogers’s television as a guest speaker for The Bourgeoisie Show. She was also invited to TFO at Panorama « Un autre point de vue ». She also married her coaching skills and poetictalents to create and facilitate inspirational workshops for different organizations suchas The Toronto District School Board, TDSB, La Bonne Affaire, Toronto Poets, etc. She coaches youth at risk for The PACT Urban Peace Program an organization whose mandate is to create urban peace. She gives back to the community through her involvement with the Group of Haitian Professionals in Toronto, GPHT.

Laure Ampilhac | Say NO to mortgage insurance

Kevin Cahill 7:10 pm Kevin Cahill | Motivational Speech: Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

Like every good stage play, the finale comes upon us, and the characters – one by one – take their places at centre stage. But on some stages, the ending is designed to create the beginning of a sequel. Although you can cut open an apple and count the seeds you will never be able to count the apples produced from those seeds. Money and material things are essential for freedom of body and mind. However the greatest of all riches can be evaluated only in terms of lasting friendships, harmonious family relationships, sympathy and understanding between business associates. This introspective harmony will bring one peace of mind measurable only in spiritual values. This presentation and philosophy will help you be better prepared to attract and enjoy these higher states.

Kevin Cahill

Alex Bell 7:30 pm Alex Bell | The Fine Prints of your Property Insurance Policy

“I am a real estate investor but my core business is as a Commercial Insurance Broker with a focus/specialization in the Real Estate vertical. My entire practice is focused exclusively on working with real estate developers and investors and I have access to best in class solutions/products through every stage of the real estate cycle. Simply put, due to my expertise in this space I have been able to negotiate better rates/terms with insurance companies for real estate investors and property management groups. My goal or deliverable to my clientele is to advocate as a trusted advisor and provide mentoring with respect insurance for all aspects of real estate investing.”

Alex Bell, B.A.

Commercial Account Executive, Commercial Lines, Dalton Timmis Insurance Group

Reality Practice 35 Stone Church Road, 3rd Floor, Ancaster, OntarioL9K 1S5 Tel:[masked] Local:[masked] ext. 2617 Fax:[masked]Cell:[masked] Direct:[masked] [masked] (

Patricia Abad and Estrella Moran 8:00 pm Patricia Abad and Estrella Moran| Why You should get Life Insurance

Patricia Abad

Patricia is a certified Wealth Management Advisor and hold Life Insurance licensed in Ontario. She is an Independent Broker, which enables her to meet her clients varying needs. She brings her more then 15 years of professional human resource experience to the table and is able to seamlessly integrate her perfected interpersonal skills when dealing with clients and co-workers alike.

Her business mission is to build a reputation based on integrity and trust and offers her clients high-level customer service. Her professional approach in dealing with her clients is to provide education so they make the best decision possible for themselves.

Patricia was born in Ecuador, South America and raised in Toronto, Ontario. She completed her Bachelor of Arts and a Human Resources Certification at Ryerson University. She is passionate first and foremost her twin and life partner and secondly helping people. She loves to travel with her family and learn new cultures and languages. She is fluent in English and Spanish and has strong command of French and Italian.

NBBN Wealth Management Advisor[masked] [masked] (

Why is Insurance Important?

Types of Insurance?

How Much Insurance Do I Need?

Don Hopkins 8:30 pm Don Hopkins | The Biggest Tax Break Very Few Are Aware of: Health Spending Account

39+ years of sales and marketing experience in all aspects of the financial services business (advisor, management, director, wholesaler,vice-president, MGA owner, mentor.)

In addition, 25+ years experience at the professional sports officiating level in various capacities and 40+ years experience at the amateur sports level.

Don Hopkins President/Benefits Consultant MGA Consulting Services Direct[masked] (


Laure Ampilhac Mortgage Agent & Certified Wealth Management Advisor ✆ (416)[masked] ✆ (877)[masked] iBrokerPower Capital Inc (The Mortgage Centre) Lic# 10538 [masked] (

╚► Helping Canadians RETIRE EARLY WITH REAL ESTATE ★ Leveraging home equity ★ RRSP ★ Designing Early Retirement Plans

☆☆ Real Estate Investments Consultant | Certified Wealth Management Advisor | Mortgage Agent | Refinancing | Private Mortgage Lending | Six Degrees Real Estate Investors Mixer

► My expertise and my passion for "early retirement" has allowed me to mentor anxious Canadian families and home owners who have not managed to invest their life savings effectively.

I help them acquire properties, diversify their investments and build a long-term retirement strategy using their home equity, savings and Registered Plans (RRSP, RESP, LIRA & TFSA).

Today, my clients include home-owners and individual investors who are ready to fathom new avenues for their own investments. I help them by:

★ Educating & Empowering though the Six Degrees Real Estate Investors Mixers ( meetup).

This is where I bring together seasoned investors, speakers and mentors from various backgrounds.

★ Educating & Coaching though one-on-one consultations.

This is where we take stock and compile their savings, pension, investments and available home equity (net worth).

★ Designing and Implementing a retirement income plan with a new investment strategy that incorporate their current locked investments with new acquisitions.These cater to the clients' current AND future cash flow needs.

► Visit to schedule your FREE Consultation!

When working with investors, we explore the following real estate investment vehicles:

❶ Income properties (for Cash flow) and Pre-Construction TownHomes

❷ Investing in Private Lending (Mortgages & MIC)*

❸ Alternative Real Estate Investment (Private Equity and Syndication)*

* RSP-eligible


Real Estate Investors Mixer | INSURANCE 101 | Safeguard your assets! (

Mon Apr 25 6:30 PM Geary Lane (

360 Geary avenue, Toronto, ON

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Six degrees of separation is the theory that everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world, so that a chain of “a friend of a friend” statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps. The Real Estate Mixers are designed to educate & connect home-owners and investors in an intimate and warm environment.

Lively, interactive EDUCATIONAL & NETWORKING EVENTS: If you are interested in learning more about how to invest in an rental property/multiplex (active investing) or invest your RRSP/Cash savings in alternatives investment vehicles in real estate (passive investing), then you have come to the right place. The aim of these evenings is to create a space for like-minded people with an interest for real estate and investing Come and learn about money lending (private mortgages), MICs, Real Estate Investment Groups/Private Equity Funds and more.

HOSTED NETWORKING EVENTS Laure will be there to connect you with the professional, lender, investor that you have been looking for your project, real estate transaction or investment. Come to us during the networking event and we will introduce you to the right person! See you there.

GTA BUS TOUR | BOOK NOW | with Aaron Charles, DreamMaker Realty and Laure Ampilhac, iBrokerPower | May 7th and June 4th

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Alex Bell, B.A.

Home Insurance / Property Insurance

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Reality Practice
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