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✔ Pay Down Your Mortgage ✔ Pay off Debt? ✔ or Invest? That is the question!

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Six Degrees Real Estate Mixer on Monday June 20th. TOPIC:

✔ Pay Down Your Mortgage

✔ Pay off Debt?

✔ or Invest?

That is the question! ([masked]/ (

Presented by Marla McAlpine, ( The Healthy Wallet

Opportunity to Network with like-minded investors

╚►If You Have Debt, Can You Afford to Invest? YES! (But HOW?!?)

Like many successful people, you put in a lot of hours to make a lot of money and then you spend your money, without always knowing where it’s going. Then one day you look at your bank account – and the money you think should be there… just isn’t. Then you start to worry. Are you going to retire in debt? Over half of Canadians do – and as a result they don’t have money to do the things they want. Ideally, you would like to avoid that fate by ensuring more cash flow today for what matters, while securing your financial future with assets. How do you afford to buy those assets and build your wealth when there is no money left at the end of the month? If this is what you’re facing, you are not alone. In fact, Marla discovered that the conventional money wisdom we hear all of the time keeps you broke!

► Marla will cover the pitfalls that most adults are not even aware of, and how to find thousands of dollars extra each month from your current income (money you probably didn’t even know you had!). This money has helped others get out of debt and build their financial security sooner than they ever thought possible.

►If you want that six-figure bank account to help build your wealth, don’t miss this presentation!

► Using demonstrations and case studies, Marla will uncover the three biggest threats that keeps people broke (even those with six-figure incomes) and how to overcome them to build a Healthy Wallet. Then, you can use your new financial prowess to build a Wealthy Wallet!

╚► Pay Down Your Mortgage?

In the perennial personal finance debate over whether you should pay off your mortgage or invest your savings, some take a firm stand.

“Second only to eliminating debt, paying off your mortgage is one of the most important steps to retiring richer,” says Kevin O’Leary, author of Cold Hard Truth on Family, Kids & Money. “In other words, forget about the stocks and bonds until you’ve eliminated your mortgage.”

Mr. O’Leary says maximizing your mortgage payments will be the safest investment you’ll ever make.

However with low interest rates, is it the smartest thing to do if you can invest at 10% or higher instead?

Laure will present a tool to calculate whether or not it's profitable to pay down your mortgage fast.


Investors face the dilemma of whether to pay down debt with excess cash or to invest that money in an attempt to turn it into even greater amounts of wealth. If you pay off too much debt and reduce your leverage, you may not garner enough assets to retire. Conversely, if you're too aggressive, you may end up losing everything. In order to decide whether to pay down debt or invest, you must consider your best investment options, risk tolerance and cash flow situation.

Laure will show you how you can invest at 10-50% in real estate investing in private mortgages and pre construction.

╚► BONUS: Stan Samole will show you how you may have missed tax credits in the last 10 years. and claim those at CRA!

Come and find out for yourself on June 20.


6:30 pm Doors Open | Networking

7:10 pm Introduction by Jude Delsoin ( | Professional Coach | Poet | Writer | Performer

7:15 Stan Samole | Family Tax Recovery (

7:30 pm Marla MacAlpine | Healthy Wallet (

8:30 pm Laure Ampilhac ( | Investor, Mortgage Agent, Certified Wealth Management Advisor

9:00 pm - 9:30 pm ~ Networking

$20 admission

Laure Ampilhac[masked]