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For 5 years, I've run a successful group in San Jose teaching skateboarding to adults and teens.

The reason people come is that they have wanted to try skateboarding for a long time but either:
1) they tried it and fell, or
2) they want to learn without getting hurt

No doubt--there is risk involved, and you will be required to sign a waiver. (Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a guardian who also must sign the waiver.) That being said, I have developed a series of drills that help even pure beginners begin riding in just their first class.

Finally, I've worked in the field of psychology for over 8 years now, and what I've learned by teaching skateboarding is that it's a great opportunity for people to get back in tune with their own bodies--especially after years of working in an office where you use your head 100% of the time and your body 0% of the time.

Skateboarding requires a lot of core balance, it requires body-sense, and it requires mental discipline to truly see yourself as capable despite contrary self-images. This class is not just about skateboarding. It's about getting outdoors, stretching your comfort zone, and uniting your body and mind.

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