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Finally, a place where critical thinkers with a naturalistic worldview can exercise our First Amendment rights to assemble, express, critique and air our grievances against the bugaboos of "Myth, Magic, Superstition & Pseudoscience" with utter & complete freedom!

This will be an ideal refuge for you if:
(1) you're an atheist, agnostic, freethinker, secularist, humanist, etc., who wants to celebrate the "spiritual" uplift derived from the awe-inspiring wonders of natural phenomena & scientific discoveries;
(2) you are rightfully concerned that religion is a force in American politics so inordinately powerful and well funded that it continues to erode that wall of separation between church and state;
(3) you are weary of rolling your eyes upon hearing about the latest forms of 21st Century sorcery from a host of quacks, mystics, snake oil salespersons & gurus (we’re on to you, Goop!); and
(4) you often find yourself needing catharsis without fear of censure and censorship.

In addition, if you are precariously perched on that fence, and are about to topple over from your previous religious affiliation, I've created a very safe landing place for you!

"Tradition is nothing but peer pressure from dead people." If that made your Inner Iconoclast chuckle, then come and help me form a fun and joyous "common union" of kindred spirits who've been liberated from mysticism and primitive thought, and who choose to celebrate reason, instead!

All of the above will happen over libations and small/big bites and/or at various other fun activities. If you are so inclined, my fellow Heretics & Infidels, then let's go out there and gore some sacred cows!

This is our moment!! 😈⛪️🍸🍹🍷🍺🥃

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Meet & Greet - Our 1st Common Union!

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