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Does God make best sense of the human existence?
We are taking a new route for this season of the Discussion Group. From this meeting we will be a bit more like a book club and we will go through the material in a book by Christian Premier Radio host Justin Brierley “Unbelievable?: Why after ten years of talking with atheists, I'm still a Christian” Tonight will be chapter 2 of the book, the first one with arguments in favour of Christianity. It is titled: “God makes sense of the human existence?”. In the discussion we'll present the key thoughts from the chapter to open discussion. You don’t need to have read the chapter to come to the discussion but it will help. Topics from the chapter we’ll cover: What makes for a God of the Gaps argument and can it ever be a useful approach? The Big Bang and Cosmological Arguments using it The observation that our universe seems to be finely tuned to enable life and so inferring a 'Fine Tuner' - God. The somewhat weird observation that Nature is governed by Mathematics Stepping back from the science and asking 'Why is there something rather than nothing?' We will stay in the bar area and will settle down for the 8pm start and there will be a 'half time' break to refresh your glasses. Do stay on; we often continue discussing after the formal finish at 10pm. About the book Justin is intelligent, having completed the famous PPP course at Oxford, and his radio show is intelligent respectful discussion between Christians and, usually, atheists. The book is a result and he presents an intellectual case for Christianity. Future Programme of Meetings (2019): Monday 21 Jan – Making sense of human value and purpose (chap 3 & 4) Monday 18 Feb - the real Jesus (chap 5) Monday 18 Mar – the Resurrection (chap 6) Monday 15 Apr – the issue of suffering (chap 7) Monday 20 May – choosing to live in the Christian story, and … Richard Dawkins! (chap 8 & 9) Monday 17th Jun BBQ in Singers Close

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