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Welcome to the Sketch Nottingham Meetup group 💎🏹

This group is about Sketch, digital design app created by Bohemian Coding. Sketch is a vector tool that gives designers power, flexibility and speed in a lightweight and easy-to-use package.

At the moment, it’s early days for this meetup, but I just wanted to see if we have a sizeable community in Nottingham who use & support Sketch, and would be interested in a bi-monthly meetup.

This group is intended for anyone interested in, or actively using Sketch, across all areas of design, so all skill levels welcome!

We are hoping to connect Sketch app enthusiasts in the Midlands area to collaborate, share and discuss tips and tricks about using Sketch in your day to day activities.

Have any thoughts or ideas? please discuss!

Latest info

Apologise for the delay in getting this going. I thought it would be a good idea to get a poll going to see if we can get a popular vote for a date in the last week of September. I've opted to not include Friday to ensure any clashes with weekend plans, and would like to get votes in by the end of this week just so I can contact Sketch to get a Sketch box with goodies sent across in reasonable time. Any thoughts let me know...


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