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As you've probably noticed, people this far south tend to prefer warm weather. Heat, humidity, intense sunlight, and beaches are their thing. Those of us who consider freezing conditions, and snow measured by the foot, to be ideal conditions are considered freaks. So if you're also into downhill (alpine) skiing then this group will help you find your fellow "Ski Freaks" nearby.

Initially we'll be focusing on meet and greets. We'll help newbies figure out the various details of ski vacations. Recommended lodging options, proper clothing, ski rentals, ski schools, not dying, ect. Us veterans can discuss epic ski vacations we've been on as well.

Depending on how that goes, we'll be loosely organizing trips. I'll be organizing week-long trips to New England. Kat Leigh will be organizing day and weekend trips to much closer places. These will be planned typically the week before, so we can avoid the nightmare of warm temperatures, soggy snow, and rain. No busses or ski packages will be involved. We'll carpool, toss in our share of lodging costs, and then pay our own ways. The trip leader(s) will be helping the newbies find ski rentals, lift tickets, and whatever.

This group is not intended for partying all night on trips, binge drinking, and/or drugs. There are other Meetups for that insanity. Try the snowboarding groups. **ducks**


Seriously though, we mean to be out skiing all day. When the lifts close, its time for dinner, maybe a hot tub, hanging out a bit, then some wonderful sleep!


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