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The last two ski seasons, 17/18 and 18/19, we've had a lot of fun skiing with our fellow Ski Freaks. Covering local mountains, the Northeast, and the Rockies. This season we plan to build on what worked, and move on from what didn't.

Towards that end I plan on organizing more day trips to Whitetail than before, as those were very successful. At a mere hour and a half away its very convenient, and it really is a nice little resort. I'll be offering carpool rides as always, as trips are more enjoyable traveling together. My SUV holds four comfortably, plus gear. Skies fit perfectly down the middle inside. A small amount of gas money we be required. $5 or $10 depending on how many are riding with me. Members are welcome to meet us there as well. And as before members will be paying the resorts directly for lift tickets and/or rental gear.

I'll also be planning more multi-day trips when I can find cheap airfare and lodging, as here at Ski Freaks we're still about keeping costs way down. As usual, I'll mention the mountains we'll be skiing and recommending lodging. But you'll be paying the ski resorts, airlines, and motel directly. Current thoughts involve visiting various resorts near Salt Lake City again, especially Snowbird and Snowbasin. Perhaps a number of big resorts in Colorado. If I ever get around to getting a passport, and I can find some cheap prices, I'd love to try skiing someplace in the Alps. If anyone has experience with skiing the Alps cheap, please get in contact with me.

Vincent DeFrancesco is still a trip leader, and often makes plans for the group to meet at Roundtop, his favorite local mountain. It's a mere two hours out from Arlington, and thus makes for a nice day trip. Both Vincent and I have the Epic Pass for the 19/20 ski season. And plan to mostly stick to the resorts it covers.

Trip leader Kat Leigh has moved to the West Coast, though hopefully she'll still be planning trips to meetup at resorts in the Rockies. Her past "dirtbag" style trips are legendary, so keep your fingers crossed!

In closing, as before this group is still not intended for partying all night, binge drinking, drugs and/or rude behavior. Furthermore, we mean to be out skiing all day. When the lifts close, its time for dinner, maybe a hot tub, hanging out a bit, then some wonderful sleep! If you have any questions, comments, or insane rants just send me a private message and I'll be happy to address them.

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