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The Skin Remodeling DIY meetup will cover introductory information about skin functions, skin-aging processes, skin maintenance and protection methods, cosmeceuticals, and cosmetic dermatology techniques that can be used to effectively improve skin quality. These novel techniques are not commonly reported on in mainstream media and your cosmetic dermatologist, aesthetician, and friends may not know about the DIY skin care trend. DIY skin care enthusiasts or wannabes will have an opportunity to meet each other, share and learn new information and discuss and compare our experiences. Did you know that there is a source for active ingredients in Gilbert?

Our lives, interests, funds, and available time are infinitely variable. With that in mind, the Skin Remodeling DIY meetup group will cover a variety of skin care techniques, allowing members to choose practices, tools, and sequences that best fit their lifestyle and preferences. Its one thing to apply an expensive serum or cream and wait to see results; its another thing to prepare the skin to accept high quality nutritive ingredients and stimulate collagen and elastin production using premium products and effective tools on a household budget. A new 5-minute skin care routine will, over time, make positive changes. Committing to using additional skin care treatments will result in even more noticeable results.

Who would the Skin Remodeling DIY meetup appeal to? Women, men, young and old, who are current full-on DIY skin care enthusiasts, dabblers, or who have never heard of home-based cosmetic dermatology and cosmeceutical products.

If you like to take care of your skin, wish that you took better care of your skin and would like to maximize the effects of your skin care routine, join us for progressive presentations and discussions about home based cosmetic dermatology and use of cosmeceuticals to promote collagen production.

The organizer is the author of the recently published book - Skin Remodeling DIY: An Introduction to the Underground World of Do-It-Yourself Skin Care. Skin Remodeling DIY covers popular topics from Internet skin care forums and provides the results of skin care research based on published scientific and informational references.

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