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The Atlantean Temple
with Skydin Zeal at The Edgar Cayce Center, NYC

New Topic of Focus Each Month: Norse Psychic Self Defense & Healing Sigils, The Instant Astral Travel Experience, Get in Touch with your Spirit Guides, Gods & Goddesses!

In this In-depth workshop Experience Unique Rites of Purification, Empowering Norse Yoga/Mantra & Herbal Magic. Learn Powerful, Positive & Simple Psychic Self Defense & Healing Techniques. Receive High Level Source Wisdom Channeled from the Norse Gods, Archangels & even Extraterrestrials. Learn about your Spirit Guides, learn about the true Nature of Reality, as told from the Norse Perspective! All of what we offer is to help you find your Life’s Mission!

Part 1: Sanctify - Skydin Zeal Offers a Sophisticated, Powerful Bouquet of Herbal Magic to Sanctify Everyone in Attendance by Removing Negative Entities! “Incredibly Effective!” Unique Atlantean Sound Healing instruments are then Integrated for Healing!

Part 2: Scandinavian Yoga - Skydin will guide the Group through Empowering Poses & otherworldly chants which Together are called Stadhagaldr!

Part 3: Learn How to Shield & Heal Yourself & Loved Ones with Norse Mudras & Symbols Charged with a Power Hidden from Today’s Reality…

Part 4: - Group Reading: Everyone receives a brief powerful Rune Reading! Skydin answers one question & instructs you in the use of a Runic Pose that will personally benefit you most!
Psychic Gifts you May Learn: Your Spiritual & Material life will improve rapidly. This is because Skydin Zeal is initiated to communicate & transfer wisdom from multiple distant realities. The basis of his Religion is Truly helping people shape their Earth Experience into what they desire!

Questions & Answers: Skydin Zeal is a Claircognizant Channel & will be able to answer all of your Metaphysical questions!

RSVP: Strongly Encouraged: info@skydin.com
Cost: $25 Cash, Visit: http://www.skydin.com/nycevents.html for More Information!

Location: The Edgar Cayce Center for Research & Enlightenment
241 W 30th St #102, New York, NY 10001
(212) 691-7690

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